What new trend have you had enough now?

I’m completely done with a few trends that clearly show a lack of free thinking of people.

I did the 10 years challenge because I used it as a tool for self-reflection on the progress I have made in 10 years.That’s great. At a time when we live faster and faster and our existence seems to fly away, I think it’s a good way to take the time to look back and think.

I also do not believe that the conspirationists in the media who are trying to surf the 10 year challenge buzz to get clicks by writing that all media like Google and Facebook (not forgetting the FBI) are now happy to have your facial features for their Gigantic face Detection database.This ship has sailed a while ago and I do not believe that this challenge has changed anything.

The trends that have really come to my nerves lately are also:

Blackfishing: As a girl who is white of birth, adjusts her body to look black, and behaves as if she knows more about black culture than black people herself.

Political correctness in the media: You have to go along with the mainstream and you may not have any other opinion on social media, otherwise you will be tampered with.

I do not think that a disagreement in itself is bad. It helps to understand other viewpoints and become more constructive. Even the social media algorithms are made so that they only show you content that matches your existing opinion. How can you then take real decisions if you only hear one side of the stories?

The ecological feelings of guilt: I am only me, and I have little power to reverse climate change.Of course I don’t want to make the earth a bad place, I do what I can. I’m done with this trend to make people feel guilty when the worst pollution doesn’t even come from individuals, but from huge industries that don’t even pay their taxes like we do, let alone an environmental levy.

-This new aesthetic trend to have huge hairy eyebrows and large bloated lips .Ok, it’s your body and everything, but these characteristics do not necessarily match your face or look good on you. I don’t really want to look like a grouper, so I don’t get this trend. I’m probably just becoming old, I don’t know. I don’t mean to be rude, but I wonder why a girl would want to do that. It is such a waste of diversity in beauty.

That continuous sinsay about genders, and sexes, and sexual preference and I know many all what. for the first time a lesbian couple in the Donald Duck , for the first time a female winner of the Wiskundeprijs , for the first time a transsexual who is a Miss election wint , and I know many all what. Just let go. It excites me really nothing or a man, wife, transsexual, binary huppeldeflup for the first time in this pops up, that wins or I know a lot what. I even get to hear things about a transgender Santa Claus.

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