What movies were better than the book they were based on?

I always say: The book was better.Except for an exception: Children of men.

Coincidentally, I’ve seen the movie before I could read the book.Children of men is in my top 10 favorites movies ever. And I’m not the only one who thinks so: even Slavoj Zizek made a very nice review of the movie and posted it on YouTube .

I thought: Wow!This movie is mindblowing! The book will certainly be amazing! That’s why I bought the book immediately, and I started reading. But soon enough I noticed that the book was clearly less good.

And that is my only possible answer.

The Bourne Identity for sure.I first saw the film and thought, oh well, let me finally read a Ludlum book. I understand that a book in terms of scenes and structure is not always consistent with a film. This is not a big problem. But man, what is the book just poorly written (tried both Dutch translation and the original English version). The dialogues are poorly connected. The scenes go from hot to her (and I’m not talking about scenes per chapter, but per paragraph!), so you have to constantly read back. Terrible just. The film is a real breath of fresh weather, despite the fact that it takes away part of the imagination.

For me, that’s Night Train to Lisbon (2013).I have read the book in Dutch and German. The original title is Nachtzug nach Lisbon (2004) and was written by Pascal Mercier.

I believe that the book contains pretty phrases, but at the same time it is also long-winish and broad-walled.

I will not reveal the content, but in short it is about a classical language teacher in Bern, Switzerland who one day leaves his class and goes to Lisbon to find out more about the writer of a book.

The plot of the film is more believable than the book.This teacher is portrayed by Jeremy Irons.

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No that’s not “the book is always Better”

I believe that these two forms of “telling” are not comparable.

As an example, take the masterpiece of J.R.R. Tolkien ‘ under the spell of the Ring ‘.As a book personally one of the most beautiful fantasy stories read by me. (Okay the silmarilion I find even better). But not for every one written, many of my acquaintances do not come through to weigh his writing style (slow).

And then the masterpiece of Peter Jackson ‘ under the spell of the Ring ‘.One of the best filming of a fantasy story ever seen by me. But leaving Tom Bombadil and the resulting changes make the film a complete new story. Based on the book.

Conclusion of good books are good and bad movies to make.But in my humble opinion, they are not comparing.

The Handmaid s Tale I certainly find better than the book.

The Lord of The Rings of Peter Jackson I don’t find better than from J.R.R. Tolkien, but very different from her book but still great.

Better is a feeling, where for 1 The Lord of the Rings were better than the book will say the other of not.

So I can only give MN own personal opinion.

I myself think of the Russian film Night Watch (Nochnoy Dozor)

The books are already very fine books to swimming but have a bit too much padding.The film took out many of these and showed a very good working world.

Unfortunately, the sequel Day Watch is a bit worse.

Fight Club

The author of the book, Chuck Palahniuk, has indicated that he is now ashamed of his own book, because the film tells the story much more effectively in his opinion.

I have read the book as a choice book for English and found the book great.

I had already seen the film before and have seen the film a few more times since.

The book is great, the movie is perfect.If even the writer of the book that admits wholeheartedly, then if as the filmmaker has done well.

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