What makes life more meaningful?

Life is life!Just like that and yet complicated. From now on I would like to ask: What is life? Where is the whole meaning of this ubiquitous existence of life and life, not only that of man. Can we make sense even more? The human race seems to be able to think about this at least, in contrast to other animal species that cannot or at least cannot express it in the same way as humans.

They ask a philosophical question that has been and will be asked time and again since antiquity.It was only when man found time for leisure that he found time to reflect on himself and the world.

Here are excerpts from the wiki wall on the meaning of life that shed light on the whole complexity of your question:

Sense of Life | Wikiwall

“The question of the meaning of life is obviously only for man.Already in ancient philosophy it has been established that it is apparently the only known linguistically gifted reasonand mind — and mind-being (zoon logon echon)that prerequisites for self-referential reflection.

Man as a social being is with education, education, professional life, etc.always in relation to other people and is encouraged from an early age to usefulness, work,meaningful action, a meaningful life, often without having to be explicitly named as the meaning of his life.

Many people ask themselves the question of the meaning of life in the Everyday life as a rule, as long as one’s own way of life does not become dubious or questionable.There is often an existentialcrisisof meaning when events can no longer be integrated into the existing concept ofmeaning: e.g. through disappointments, misfortunes or the requirements of a new one. stage of life. The result is often the beginning or resumption of reflection on the meaning of life, which then also includes questions such as happiness or even the meaning of suffering. When a person manages a critical event that has led to a loss of meaning, he or she often finds meaning for him (see Finding sense ).

A fundamental difficulty in dealing with the questions of the sense of life is the fundamental possibility of the human mind to question a once adopted position again or to make the perspective of judgment potentially arbitrary. change (cf.Relativism ). The search can therefore be continued seemingly endlessly (cf. infinite regress ), orit gives the impression that the question cannot be answered or not definitively (Thomas Nagel ). “The meaning of life is a meaningful word; but nothing meaningful can be said.” Some offers of meaning prove to be difficult or impossible to criticize within their own systems by means of dogmatisation or immunisation strategies with the help of rational arguments.Similarly, in some ideological teachings, there is little or no immanent theoretical gap to be discovered.However, the assessment of such meaningful offers can be carried out by means of external measures.

A problem that can be infinite recursion The question is why most people who seek meaning never ask themselves about the meaning of the question of life: Why do many people even ask themselves the question of the meaning of their existence?Why is it so urgent for many people to answer them? What is the profit or loss if it is answered or not answered? It could also be objected that it is pointless to spend so much time and work on solving this “puzzle”. On the other hand, the explanation for asking this question seems obvious: if one asks for the meaning, then because it has been lost without this “lostness” (infactness according to Heidegger ) the question would not even arise. represent; it is the purpose of any question to find itsanswer.

Find a task for you that you could fill out, in your perimeter, at work, even if it seems small, find pleasure.Experience your inner balance, feel life within yourself and make you aware. Let their world of thought blossom through meditation. But I cannot speak for you. They are life! Think about your values and shape your life according to those values. Then you feel the power that lies in your life and your meaning. There is no need for more.