What makes it harder to find a new job like a fifty-plusser? What are your experiences with this?

I was totally unexpectedly unemployed on my 55th.I was good at my job, the year before his resignation I had received a bonus for best performance. And now this. I was really so baffled. My employer tried to prevent bankruptcy and a dismissal round began. And I was the only one in my age group, so well….. there I went.

With a to, so hup the WW. So to the UWV, who told me that it would be ‘ very tricky ‘ and that I could better start my own business (and then be horribly cut out on my allowance) that I refused.

I think companies want to radiate “young, hip and dynamic” and people over the 50 do not fit in that image.In doing so, many are quite expensive due to their expertise and work experience. The salary system in the Netherlands is of course a rising line as you grow older. So well, you feel that if you are fired later.

I was good at my job.Very very good. But companies where I applied for would prefer people who were less good, (read cheaper) and hip young dynamically or as in my field of work: Immigrant woman.

I worked as a project manager in the social domain.My specialism was residents ‘ participation in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and revitalization of stacking by devising projects and collaborating with boiler partners. Process Booster, that was me. The so indispensable spider in the web.

When my WW threatened to run out and I started to get financially into trouble with my 70% of 32-hour working week and a house as a single woman, I reversed the helm.

If I can not find a job in the Netherlands than IDD but start for myself but also put tering to the ING.In the Netherlands I had to make such a ditch money to keep the head above water. In Another country it could be cheaper. That country became the Philippines and now Mexico. In the Philippines I could get around 500 euros and I lived as a queen in a house on a cliff. I drove a big motorbike and ago around on white beaches.

Now I’ve moved to Mexico, so far more expensive, but I still save it for a tight 1000 euros a month.Every day you can eat outside the door, or 2x and a minimalistic but meanwhile very special and great life, AND!! I only work 4 hours a day. Or if I want it myself.

The links to my websites are in my bio.

My career as a translator only started well on my 49th.Resignation from my employer who had nothing to do with languages. My experience was thus: becoming independent.


Da T all depends on the value one can still have for a company.I myself have only become fifty and have never had as many offers as now. But I’ve always forced myself to “stay with” with modern technology, and the nature of my beast is apparently to have ideas that run even a few years in the lead. So: it’s subjective. Having an open mind and never being too old to learn seems to me the secret. Great luck!

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