What makes a good programmer?

What makes a good programmer.A good programmer you have in many forms and ways, but I will do my best based on my experiences to define what I find a good programmer myself.

A good programmer for the team and me, is a person who has at least the opportunity and interests to go further, to be better in a specific area.And this communicates clearly with his or her team.

A good programmer is a person who considers it important that the team functions well, understands when it is time for jokes and sees when all hands on deck is needed, regardless the personal temporary cost.

A good programmer understands that explaining his or her working methods, crafts and projects to others is hugely important for the continuity of the company.A programmer who only engages in his or her own tasks, but does not take care of backups in human form, are deadly. As soon as they are free, sick or simply asleep, there is too much dependence and economic damage.

A good programmer sees in that other, are different.That you have more trouble explaining A. Something than B., does not mean that a. is a stupid person and will never understand it. It means that you have not yet found a way of communicating between them. Every person has something and the quicker you accept how each one is, the better your zilt function.

A good programmer understands that when a promise is made, expectations are set.When you have said Friday A to do and because of situations that happen every day that is not done, you need to be able to communicate this. A good programmer will do this clearly and as soon as possible, so that no negative atmosphere arises and expectations can be adjusted.

A good programmer knows his or her flaws and ensures that the team can catch them.It is not good in something that does not mean that you have to do it. It means you have to find someone who is better in this, so that you as a team work better.

A good programmer seeks methods to simulate his or her code as close to the reality as possible, without taxing others.A common problem between programmers is the 鈧?艙i have X nodig 鈧?or 鈧?艙by Y it could not 鈧? by making sure your data is there, to simulate and control the operation, you make for a stronger confidence in your publications.

A good programmer shares what it teaches, many people are very inclined to keep things for themselves in order to maintain a competitive edge, however by making yourself very dependent, you usually make sure you are the primary problem in most cases, So everyone always needs your attention and time, so you don’t get further in your own work, which then has predictive effects on the atmosphere.

A good programmer respects, learns and tries to be the best in his or her field, but also ensures that there are people around them with other expertise.

A good programmer, is hard to find;-)

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