What limitations does C have as a back-end language?

Practically none, actually.The only drawback that C has is that you have to use many lines of code for complex assignments because C is actually quite primitive. C is actually a brick that you use to build a house. It is more convenient if you can build a house from components that have already been developed beforehand.

But there are libraries for that.And in your C project, it can happen that you may need 10 or more libraries to create a website. In addition, it may happen that variable names conflict with each other or that two libraries cannot be used together for other reasons and then you have to solve it again.

The C language can also be extremely complex.A good example of this is the Nethack project, a computer game with a past all the way up to 1985.Fully developed in C and still in development. The C++ language had been better but that only officially came out in 1989 鈧?娄.

But the C language can be used well to compose components that can be used by other languages.Languages like PHP and Python can easily call C code if the C code is built to a Shared Library. Many expansions on these languages are written in C. (But other languages are also possible.) Then you get the best of a higher programming language with the speed of C.

The language C can be found in many places, although not always recognizable.Many operating systems and Web browsers are developed in C with often applications and functions written in higher programming languages. (For example, in C++ for desktop applications and JavaScript for Page s and extensions in the browser.)

The C language has no object-Oriented functionality and has a relatively small standard that describes the whole language.This makes more modern programming techniques more challenging because with design patterns you often think of objects that are not there in C. In addition, the C standard does not support graphics applications that make you dependent on Third-party libraries to place a simple button on your screen.

And as a back-end language?I’ve always said that PHP and C together can be as powerful as ASP. NET and C# together.But those suckers who develop PHP are creating more and more logic in PHP in order to need less C code. And Da s not smart. PHP is meant for front-end development where you will mainly manage mark-up in your PHP code. By stopping more logic in PHP you get more and more monstrous code where one combines mark-up with back-end code within a single PHP file, which means that a lot of code is not reusable. And then you get a lot of copy/paste code because a function happens to be in 5 places. That function belongs in a piece of C code at home!

Python has a similar problem but Python has more applications than just web development.

Personally, I think that every developer must have worked with C for at least 3 months before they can call themselves a software developer.But yeah, nobody who listens to an old rot in the box, huh? Everyone who is new and just starting out goes right to the most popular without learning the basics. And after that, I can turn everything back on when someone hires my because a project seems to be the fog…

And I am very expensive to crouching…

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