What lifestyle changes could you now make to improve your quality of life in the future?

To eat even more healthier.

I eat better though, but I can still change what:)

Purely from a psychological point of view I find less whining and everything in perspective places an important thought.I am very much in the banner of Relativeurge. What less “where the bell ticks at home”, and what more everywhere to land your light up. You will learn something you don’t learn at home. The situation of another often teaches you more than you would think.

Since my eighteenth I smoke already, but last Monday evening I saw during the television program How will I say it?From the Flemish stand-up comedian Jens Dendoncker a child ask his father (read: Beg) to quit smoking because he did not want to lose his father early.You might think that this opens your eyes. Certainly is.

Stopping from one day to another is not given to everyone.My grandfather is 89 and stopped as soon as he retired with a bridge. He paints it off as it happened from one day to another. I try to believe him. That was in 1987. Since then he no longer touched a cigarette. I admire that man tremendously. He does not claim to have smoked cigarettes, but he can possibly lie about it. He is simply no longer addicted and now smokes at all. And that is what it is all about. Well, I cannot do that today.

I regularly drink a glass, ranging from beer to wine.At home and on weekends. No spirits. With a rare affair once a glass of pure whisky. I can’t leave the cigarette. I’m looking for ways to stop without taking medications. Patches, pills and the like. These are not devoted to me.

A tip from a family member was the smoking of half cigarettes.What does it help? You keep smoking. That’s rather an encouragement to give yourself financial space so you have to go less to the night shop. You save money. The financial effort you have to deliver remains intact. It also does not help your business move forward in terms of health. Just stopping I find easier said than done. That is of course also the continuation.

However, I believe that although you are at risk, there is a serious dose of happiness when we talk about getting cancer.One gets cancer, the other is not. It’s that simple. My great-grandfather recently lost his wife. He is 95, survived a working camp of the Germans in 1942 and smoked his whole life long without filter. It didn’t exist in his young time yet and wanted to know nothing else. He still lives. I find this extremely unfair to young people who die from lung cancer or throat cancer. Okay, he is family and I am of course delighted that he may be so old, but it would be hypocritical if I did not tell that.

If I have stress, my situation deteriorates.When I studied for my language and literature exams-my first year-I was rotnervous. I already smoked for three years. During that period, the amount of cigarettes I smoked per day increased by double the same. That period has literally finished me. I was like a bird for the cat. Since then I did not depend on that average. I am now going to buy running shoes to grow some discipline. When I go jogging I will probably realise that a cigarette smoking after burning calories and digesting heavy efforts is at least a good idea.

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