What life advice should be dewritten because it is not true or useless?

You have come to the place where you are now thanks to yourself and you alone can thus improve your life

It’s literally not true.

  • I have not determined that I was born in poor Nepal.
  • I did not determine that my biological mother left me at the hospital after my birth, which allowed me to enter an orphanage for the first half of my life.
  • I did not determine that I was privileged to be adopted by Dutch parents.
  • I have not determined that I have an IQ of 147 and AVI 9 can read out to the toddlers, so I immediately was placed to group 4.
  • I have not determined that I suffer from OCD, which has cost me as a child for hours a week.
  • I have not determined that I am only 167 inches tall.

I do not like it and actually find it comical, but it is objectively a disadvantage, a backlog.

I did do things like taking a new hairstyle which made me look better (around my 16th), and I graduated with my VWO diploma, which had not succeeded if I hadn’t learned.

But then still, those things were never happened without factors beyond my control.My intelligence gave me the opportunity to succeed with honours. And would a better hairstyle help this boy a lot with his attractiveness?

Make no mistake, this boy does not have to fall off; You don’t see any underkin, but the poor man has a genetically restrained chin.

Also, if you look at the hairline, it would be best to be able to get bald. Just tell him to take a new hairstyle.

And apart from genetics and youth, there is also just a coincidence.

Follow your heart or use your head.

The problem is that both our emotions and our way of thinking do not always make the right estimation.Ratio and emotion are often played against each other. It has also been investigated that we rarely ever base our considerations and choices purely on rational elements.

Even as a cool sensible thinker, your judgement is not perfect.That our emotions are not always the best counselor, you can easily demonstrate with the pink clouds in infatuation.

What do you do?The classic-Greek idea of separating heart-head releasing and more a holistic approach. Our thinking and feeling influences each other. They are both good tools and can warn and make us aware. And sometimes you have to put your mind first and let the heart speak at other times. The art is knowing when.

Emotion and ratio: good servants, cruel masters!

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One of the most stupid “advices” is forgive and forgotten.

Forgive you must do, preferably always.It is not for the other, but for yourself, you are not buzzing with any resentment that can be in the way of your own development and self-fulfillment. However long it takes, ultimately it is best to forgive.

But forgot?Never.

I don’t mean that you should be actively pondering what happened to you. This will only bring down your own state of mind and eventually you will lose that brain game forever.But forgetting what has been done is forgetting what you have learned, how to deal with it in the next situation, and how the person in question really is. That forgot to put you up for new abuse.

Forgive, always.Forget..


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