What languages do you want to learn as a software engineer/programmer to be useful over the next five years?

No.Programming languages are fun, but a good programmer doesn’t think in programming languages but in algorithms, textures and design patterns. Because a problem can usually be solved in multiple ways, in multiple languages. As a programmer, you simply have to choose the language that can best solve the problem.

And sometimes that’s Java.Or then again C. Or maybe Pascal, Go, COBOL or any other language. Too many programmers put the focus on the language and specialize deeply in that language, and 5 years later that language has changed and they have not kept it well and their knowledge is lost.

Take a look at the history of ICT.We first had MS-DOS where especially C, Pascal, Basic and Assembly were popular, but later Windows 3.1 came to largely take over. Nice if you are a C programmer who has completely deposited on MS-DOS but that knowledge is redundant. Instead, you should learn to work with the Windows API and resources for visual views and events and other junk and POUF * Windows 95 makes everything suddenly 32-bit. May you start learning new things right again and then Windows 95 suddenly comes together with Windows NT to form Windows XP. You will also get Windows 8 with the Metro interface and Windows 10 with another variant of the interface and soon probably Windows Core, which also rethrows everything.

Well, if you have deeply deepened in a certain language then you come to clamp time and time again.

So instead, you should start learning design patterns.Know what 鈧?艙dependency injection 鈧?means. Know the many protocols. Know how XML and JSON are together and what ASN. 1 is exactly. Know how to allow multiple computers to communicate with each other over TCP/IP. And maybe BlueTooth and other methods. Know how GPS data looks like when you’re going to work on a mobile App that needs it. Or simply simple and old-fashioned to set up database models. So many things that do not have anything to do with a programming language but have very important knowledge…

Seriously, a programming language is no more than applying programming techniques within a given syntax.And you can usually learn this syntax quickly. In addition, you have to deal with various libraries but these often differ by platform or even by year. You have little knowledge of a programming language if you don’t comprehende the technique behind it…

Tip: Buy an Arduino sign and go learn to program in small, with C. These signs have very few resources and do not do much in themselves, except to give you knowledge of how computers and hardware work.That everything you do or in the processor is handled or forwarded by the many pins to another device. A very small, interesting development environment that is very instructive but will mainly provide lasting knowledge. Because you learn not to program in C because C you learn within a month or two. You will learn to program, optimize and above all the use of good techniques and patterns.

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