What kind of side job (s) did you have at the time you were sitting in college?

I went unsuspecting for a train ticket,

But came back with a service at NS International.

A boy who spoke his languages saw them sitting,

And it became a top position at the information desk.

The next three years I would get the whole world at my desk.

And the world taught me more than years of economics in the university.

It brought me,-other story-, also to South Korea which would literally give a different direction to my life.

Right at a great discount I have been travelling for a habbekrats with the train Europe.

I could not have wished for a better job.

I got somewhere in 1995 when I studied informatics at the UvA an e-mail that the newly created Internet provider ‘Planet Internet‘ was still looking for people on the helpdesk.

There I started entering customer data (people had to pass their user name and a password to choose by telephone).

To get on the Internet you had to install a few floppies on your computer at that time and dial in to a dial-up point from Planet Internet with a modem.

The internet speeds you achieved as a consumer were at least a factor of 1000 lower than they do today.Websites were simpler and smaller.

And those dialup points were sometimes overallocated or in conversation.

Later I went to the e-mail helpdesk, as well as support via Usenet.There I made matters like “I called my dial-up point yesterday, and it was in the spread… does another sometimes use my dialup point?“.

Planet Internet was owned by KPN.

A year later I put the phonebook (also from KPN at the same age) on the internet as a bait for the site of fireworks Internet (which I had set up with two friends to be able to get free internet).

The phonebook was not online yet and KPN also seemed to have no plans in that direction.

Prompt I was called to the director of Planet Internet.

He gave me the choice: to pick Up the phone book From the Internet and in return get a better job at Planet Internet or leave.

Of course I chose the latter.

That was in the summer of 1970.From late April, when the exams were finished, until early September when the classes started again.

Prospecting from a base camp at Chesterfield Lake in the middle of the bush, a few hundred kilometres north of Prince George in British Columbia: Located close to the center of the map:

As there were no roads, we were flown from Prince George or Williams Lake to the camp with a water plane on the lake Lande.

We were with about ten men, including the cook and the helicopter pilot. Both are on the Fotoos.

Seven o’clock in the morning the helicopter pilot took us, in groups of two, to a mountain stream higher up in the mountains from where we then walked downhill along the water, where we pulled every 100 meters or so a hand full of mud and did in a bag for research in the Camp.For the more remote places we set up a “fly camp” for a few days, where the pilot then picked us up.

Other days we went out, with a prospect’s hammer to roll the rocks for minerals.

Facilities and the station were flown in every ten days or so.The food was great. Remember the big thick steaks, gently roast. The lake water was stone cold and crystal clear. Full of fish, rainbow trout. You tied a piece of meat to a string, dropped it in the water and immediately saw the fish shoot it off. You pulled the string with fish on.

Was Beautiful.Ideal for a summer job to earn money for the next year. You could not spend your money. Every month, your wages were put on the couch. Have done that two summers. The summer before it was in the area of Red Lake. (See the map below). The case was: Bralorne Canfer Mines and Resources Limited, based in Toronto. I was sitting in rooms in Hamilton, Ontario. Not far the Niagara falls.

Quite high here.

In July with Sun and snow. Those are Chalcopyrite blocks.

In the tent with my buddy Dave Proudfoot.

Dave and I at the campfire.

Accidentally took a double fotoo.

The “Bell” helicopter will be simulated by the pilot, ready to carry that other

Base camp with the cook at his stove.

Wood next to it. In the background the High school student who did the analyses. Our tent is left behind the tent in the Fotoo

Would like to look at it again.Wonder if there are still remnants of the camp.

Red Lake is located in the middle far left.

I gave Bijles.

I had my own cleaning company during my study time.

I started when I was 15 and worked in the service of a cleaning company.

When I was 17 I saw what the company charged and what was paid to me.

That difference was big enough to set up my own business.So I was a pretty wealthy student, but the work in the evening hours unfortunately also had his influence on my figures…

I worked on a petrol station on Saturdays.And very small in a residential area in Arnhem. Regular customers I had and band with. Very nice! And then I also got a lot of tip, nowadays I don’t think anyone with tipping at the refuelling. And tutoring I also gave, chemistry of course. Was also very nice. All that helped to tie the ends together, even when I was married when we were still a student. My wife worked alongside the study too.

I’ve been a tram conductor in the morning rush hour, then teacher for a few hours a week.

The best 3: Passports write in The Hague at provincial house with a friend and his sister, paid well because we had a VWO diploma (and my handwriting did not matter apparently) when we were out at the N of BV Janssen, and T became Janssem then there was an older lady Those with razor that last paw removed.Hmm wouldn’t take it to Russia travel late years 70. The card tray Uittenboogaard sorting was a favorite. And handy-few years later I needed a passport urgently, and I was in 1 hour and coffee again outside with booklet. Then there could still be anything and no extra cost. Most beautiful of that job was that my friend came across himself in the orange booklet where all the figures were not allowed to enter a passport. He had ever had an advance from an embassy or consulate not refunded from 90 guilder, however that had IE so in the next edition he was out there. In This booklet you could find all sorts of figures: Joopie Janssen, no pp without insider mayor wegens 鈧?娄. Maintenance debt, or fines that were open. Could be in 1 booklet of maybe 2 cm thick. How would they do that now? Seems like they don’t do that when I read the newspaper. Also very healthy: from leading on the bike to and back along the A44 which was already busy.

Further beer for Heineken in Leiden and surroundings, incidentally also fresh but beer made more impression because those 50L barrels were so heavy.Parking was an art in Leiden with a van. So beware that in that hot summer you didn’t have a beer in every caf茅. I had a fixed-service colleague at the company H, who, by the 20 beers, was one day away, that guy could put 2 barrels of beer at the same time on the truck but think his liver went reasonably to the buttons. He rode on a 10 a 20 ton truck with of those 1000 L tanks and a compartment for 50 L barrels. Irresponsible and absurd. So with that man in mind I often drank but spa. And I still had to drive.

And then a student assistanship that paid very well and that I could tie to my graduation subject.

The rest?The slaughterhouse I kept only a week full (and then I was just graduated so not quite my level but I was waiting for service and then I thought: do only a benefit if nothing else is, after all, the government was in the way because I had to employ and had no exemption)

Boring warehouse work, wrapping flower bulbs, Aalsmeer flower auction, that sort of thing through employment agency.Few weeks in the summer and that always motivated to get back to the books in September or to walk in the Praktica. How people maintained that kind of work, year after year, surprised me always and I quickly saw that training, knowledge and social skills help find fun jobs. But you have to do some for it. I needed a holiday job because otherwise I could not be on holiday.

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