What kind of dog training should all dogs have except learn to sit when asked?

Coming on command, under all circumstances, including distraction, is very important.Every dog escapes a little while and then the coming on command can really make the difference, sometimes even between life and death.

It is also much more fun for the dog, because then it can occasionally loose where it can, without having to worry you as a owner.

As a owner of two now senior dogs and born with dogs to my cradle I can still think of some more important comandos.”Zit” is fun but not immediately hugely important. Much more important is indeed “come here” because indeed it is as much fun as they can run loose in the park once without going away. “Stay” I find as a mother of a child who regularly runs out of the front door and forgets to close the door very importantly. Very nice if you can close the door without having to run all the streets, and believe that that is the first thought at an open door. “Staying afloat” is very important if you have just put some goodies on the table and want to get a drink even without the return of everything. Also useful and important if that bag M & M accidentally falls to the ground. “Go pee” is very useful if you just have to go to work and really don’t have time to go walking with them. Still fine if you are sure they have their bladder empty. “From the couch” is fine if you don’t want to have them there. With us is a major “out of the kitchen” as I am cooking:-). It looks different as if I have tied a dog to every single one and if I do not send them away I am guaranteed to be with a pan of boiling water on the floor or stand 10 on the legs. “Let loose” when they have just something to tackle what you don’t want. In short, most dogs are pretty clever and you can learn a lot. Beyond the standard commands that you also learn on a puppy course, it is also good to look at what they can and what not in your own situation. You as a owner determined the rules. Remember though that it is just small children and the temptation sometimes gains from your authority especially if they don’t see you anymore. If you put those chips on the table and stay away for too long then the odds are more than big that they “forgot” that they are not allowed to. Thus, a command usually has a limited duration of action and gives you the chance to change the situation so that the command is no longer needed. So take a good look at what the greatest temptations are in your dog and keep this in mind. Finally, prevention is better than cure. Even the most brave well-trained dog sometimes admits when the temptation is too big.

First of all: I walked up to High level G & G and Agility.

I’ve been using multiple dogs search and rescue to bet level.

What commands should my dogs know:

  • This side: Dogs take the same exit CQ walking direction I take but do not have to report to me.
  • Come: Come to me (and take a treat) but I’ll wait a little bit until you’re sniffed out.
  • Here: Come immediately through the crudest way here and sit down so that I can touch you.
  • For: via the shortest path, as fast as possible, right-preside and with your nose against my belly (except the Chihuahua that does not come so high) “before” is wrong mess.
  • Waiting: Where you are now waiting until I am with you or until I say that you can walk through (but or huppie)
  • Stay: Where you’re staying now until I get away from it.

It doesn’t make me a flute or you do that sitting, standing or lying down. The difference between waiting and staying is that waiting for a stray dog is called remotely and keeps coming from contact.

  • Butt: Sitting
  • No: whatever you intend; Don’t do it.
  • Loose: Whatever you have in your mouth; Spit it out.
  • Huppie: Get away from my feet.
  • Dimming: Do not react to Provocation’s of other dogs, do not bark, do less pressure.
  • My: I claim that sandwich, bowl, smelly fish.
  • So you can better stay away from it.

  • Commands are pronounced on a quiet conversational tone, I do not cry to my dogs (well “this side” a bit because they are a little away).
  • Gentle and quiet talking forces a dog to watch out for. More importantly than these commands are: good so, neat and handsome dog (Maid/boy) as parenting. They do it for that.

    My dogs walk (almost) everywhere and (almost) always loose: or to the line of obedience.They may not go beyond 5 metres from me without permission, not from the (forest) path and not to other people/dogs. I don’t need a line for that.

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