Many of the JAWS navigation quick keys are also available when using Tell All on a web page. HTML navigation shortcuts for Say All.

Description Quick Key
Item in a list I
Jump to line J
Back to previous line SHIFT+ J
Jump to cell (within table) CTRL+WINDOWS key+J or WINDOWS key+J in Mozilla Firefox

Also know what Jawskey is?

The jaw key is the key used in conjunction with other keys to perform jaw functions, for example, when If you’re using a desktop keyboard, it defaults to the Insuert key on the number pad, which is the largest key on the number pad.

Besides the command above, what command silences Jaws?

Ctrl will temporarily mute JAWS.

Then you may also ask how can I prevent my jaw from reading?

Finally, as a tester, you need to press CTRL n to stop JAWS, followed by CTRL+HOME to return to the top of the page. Therefore, change the default behavior of JAWS so that the page is “not” read automatically. From a web page, press INSERT+V to open the JAWS Quick Sets dialog box.

How do I enable Jaws?

Press Insert + j to open the JAWS window, or press Alt + Tab until JAWS says “JAWS“. Then release the Alt and Tab keys. Press the Alt key. You hear JAWS say, “Menu”.

How do I turn on the Speech Viewer in Jaws?

To open the Speech Viewer, right-click (Shift+F10) on the JAWS panel icon to open the JAWS Inspect menu. From the menu, choose Speech Viewer.

What key do you use to exit the word?

The Universal Basics

  1. Ctrl+A = Must select all you select everything on the page at once?
  2. Ctrl+C = copy / Ctrl+X = cut.
  3. Ctrl+V = paste.
  4. Ctrl+ Z = Undo.
  5. Ctrl+S = Save.
  6. Ctrl+P = Print.
  7. Alt+Tab = Switch Windows.
  8. Alt + F4 = Exit.

What is JAWS software for the visually impaired?

JAWS (“Job Access With Speech”) is a computer screen reader program for Microsoft Windows, which allows blind and partially sighted users to read the screen with either a text-to-speech output or an updatable Braille display. JAWS is produced by Freedom Scientific by the Blind and Low Vision Group.

How do I stop NVDA speech?

Tech Ease

  1. Select Start, All Programs , NVDA, NVDA.
  2. To hear what’s currently on the screen, move your mouse around.
  3. To pause NVDA, press the Ctrl key on your keyboard .
  4. Most NVDA commands require you to use the Ins key on your keyboard.
  5. To exit NVDA, press Ins, Q.

How does the JAWS screen reader work?

JAWS allows users to read the screen with text-to-speech output or via an updatable braille display. Users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing on-screen content or navigating with the mouse can navigate through a page using keyboard shortcuts.

How do you get Kiefer to read a page?

Reading Text

  1. When the page loads, JAWS begins reading it. Press CTRL+HOME to go to the top of the page.
  2. Use the standard JAWS read commands to read the text on the page.
  3. Press SHIFT+P until you return to the top of the first paragraph on the page.

How do you move backward to the previous focusable element in Jaws?

Back: To the previous Headline, to landmark, table, focusable element, etc. Shift + [H, R, T, Tab, etc.]

How do I close my jaws?

Close applications. To close a program, press Alt + F4. To close the active file within the program, press the Ctrl + F4 key. To close the Jaws program, press Insert + F4.

What is a virtual cursor in Jaws?

JAWS Virtual PC Cursor mode. Because web pages are essentially “read-only”, JAWS uses its virtual PC cursor mode when reading web pages. In this mode, you can navigate through the page similar to a word processing document, using the arrow keys to move forward, backward, up and down.

What’s new in Jaws?

Braille Input Improvements. For ElBraille users and those who regularly use a braille display with their PC, JAWS 2020 offers significant improvements in contracted braille input. Braille with shorthand is now supported in more applications, including PowerPoint and TextPad.

How much does JAWS software cost?

JAWS Screen Reader software. Take advantage of our $895 online deal for JAWS for Windows version 17, the world’s most popular screen reader software. We also offer JAWS for Windows, Professional Edition for $1095 when you order online.

How do I get Kiefer to read a Word document?

Or press Insert+Down Arrow (which say it all) to read all of the JAWS information available for the Microsoft Word application. Pressing F6 returns you to the tree view, where you can use the arrow keys to select another application that has JAWS Help.