What is your very first reminder?

I almost certainly remember my 4th birthday.It was sunny and I wore the cake outside. There were four candles in it and I had to walk gently so that they didn’t blow out.

Half a year before we moved and I also almost certainly remember when we visited the new house.There was thick snow on the street. I only remember when we were in the car outside the house.

I also recall a few reintroducations from this.One, when I fell on a cartje in the river and had to be under the DOESJ because my clothes were full of mud. The story is also told to me, of course, so it’s not sure that it was a primary reminder. A few other memories of a birthday that took place in our old house and so my valued birthday must have been, but that reminder is quite dedalized and so it could be that it was my 5th birthday and that for some reason in the house of My aunt was celebrated which was identical with our old house.

I have a first reminder that I cannot logically prove or declare but have consciously manifested itself in my memory.

I have a second as a baby which I think to remember but can also be of a photo and story I am caught up at a young age.

And the first probable and conscious reminder is a sequence of events at 2 years of age that have probably had an impact and are present in my memory.

How I wagled from armchair to armchair in an attempt to walk upright.So that should be somewhere around my first birthday. I even remember that it succeeded that day itself.
Then there is a pretty big hole to the next reminder Zo N years or 2 脙 3 later.That was the wallpaper next to my bed butting and jerking off. And a little later with the paint roll, during a short absence of my mother who was painting the walls of the corridor, to paint the carpet.

When I was about a year or 4 I got to know my first girlfriend. Tamara, she lived in my neighborhood nearby.We then played together almost daily. She was my girlfriend and it would stay that way for the rest of our lives. We took our relationship very seriously then. We fluctuated, played Bell-trek, made fun, had quarrels and all sorts of in-depth conversations such as the best method for capturing hobbies, for example. We coasts even though we still didn’t know how, it was fun. We would marry and get 2 kids. It did not fall for a full-fledged adult relationship, it was up between us.. With that difference we didn’t think any further than our nose was long. We lived in the moment. In the end, it all turned out differently. And when I was a year or 8 our paths grew away from each other. This does not really matter. What does matter is that you as a child are able to enjoy without worrying about morgen 鈧?娄. Once in a while that child let it emerge, and completely absorbed in the moment I would recommend everyone 脗 虄 潞.

脛 掳 K Ben born with Hirschsprung’s disease.Here I have been operating more and more times since my birth.

I can’t remember quite well.But I do remember that I was about 2.5 years old, that we were in the hallway of the hospital, where I had been operated. My father had a bunch of flowers in his hands to give them to the doctor.

I had pigtails in my hair and I also remember that I was nervous.Unfortunately, I cannot be reinerous of the moment I gave the bunch of flowers to the doctor.

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