What is your tip to save money?

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As in the previously given answer it starts with spending less than you get inside.How do you do it best? Very simple: Create a cash book.

That doesn’t have to be complicated, just create an Excel sheet in which you keep all the expenses you make per month and all the revenue you get.The condition is that you really make all the expenses, so also that ice cream what you buy on the street or the cost of your lunch in the company restaurant. Then it becomes very insightful where you give your money on. And then you can see where you can cut down when earning more money is not an option.

A good example is the aforementioned company restaurant.If you have lunch for $4 every day there doesn’t seem that much, but will cost you that on a monthly basis soon $88, assuming a 5 day working week. Taking sandwiches from home will not cost you much more than $0.50 per day, so instead of having to go for lunch and bring your bread, you’ll be so $77 per month. And in the cash book are all your expenses, go there with a dust comb to see what is really needed and what is not. For example, look at subscriptions you don’t or barely use, insurance for phones you’ve long replaced, expensive channel packages for your TV, and so on.

And also check out the things you want to buy with a critical look.Do I really need that expensive phone of almost $1000? Because calling, whatjuices, taking good pictures or viewing Facebook can also be on a device of $200. And then you quickly saved a lot of money. Another cost item where you can save a lot of money is going out. For example, I and my friends like to drink a beer, and in the pub we can tick $5 per glass (half a litre). So we no longer speak in the cafĂ©, but come together at home. In the supermarket I buy for just over $1 a glance half a litre of Heineken, for the price of 2 glasses in the pub I am now the whole evening under the pans. If you take a taxi, please install Uber on your phone. That also saves you a lot of money. What I want to say is that you don’t have to bite a little wood, but there are often many cheaper alternatives without having to deliver on quality.

And also all other small savings count together and make sure you keep money at the end of the month.If you have succeeded, make sure that you will save automatically, if only $50 per month to start with. That goes unnoticed and you still have a nice amount at the end of the year. And that monthly amount you can adjust if you manage to keep more about it easily upwards. In addition, if it is on your savings account, you also give it less ease.

Success with it.

Start now!, savings can already be done from a few euros per month.Make pots for your fixed loads and holidays and a budget for fun things and outings or throw your small money 2 times a week in a pot;) If you have some more to spend behind the small amount of money you can also put a zero or two!!

Great success and a healthy financial future!

Spend less Per month than you have on income.Works great!

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