What is your talent? What did you do with it?

I find myself sporty, possess a fine motor skills and have an unprecedented innate ball feeling.

I made trainers very happy.

The ALO had to be it as well.

Admission exam done, adopted and…

Economy are studying in Paris.

Half listening to a foreign language I come to the music, the ground tones of the language and I make myself this quickly own.

In Paris I noticed this only.

French I was mighty in no time.Korean and Chinese soon followed.

That language sensitivity, I had to do something with it!

Not very far before the finish line my study economy abandoned and…

Going to study Korean.

Language study completed I obviously started working on a…


I am an extremely language-sensitive sports enthusiast, but my greatest talent is to continually surprise people with the choices I make in my life.

I have many talents but one of my favorite (yet worthless) is doing puzzles.What do I do with it? Nothing. I puzzle in my free-time. It’s just a hobby.

I have no special talents.

Intellectually and artistically also no large gaps. Well, dancing and singing I can absolutely not. I do sing. But only if I think no one hears it.

What has helped me most is a decent tenacity and little suffering from criticism and loss.Losses as in election losses. If I did my best, I am satisfied. And I have and really did not have the illusion that there are no better candidates than me. I know what I can and what not and I can quite estimate what I could learn.

The only thing I still have talent for is giving advice, a sense of rhythm and sales (but I have to be able to do my own things and preferably from home).

For the time being, I have not yet fully exploited my talents, but that is because of my personal situation.

I haven’t actually had the opportunity yet (because of too many problems with health and my hectic/violent life).

For the time being, I maintain my language skills daily, not to mention it.

That is also one of the reasons why I often spend time on Quora:).

It is a fine and engaging way to learn, but also to maintain my English.

I have pretty much there, but I do little with it.

  • Musical, Absolute hearing
  • Language, spelling, pronunciation (accents) and English
  • Drawing, painting
  • Acting
  • Detail Focus
  • Remembering information and facts

I want to do more with language.

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