What is your purpose of life and where do you get this goal from?

If you didn’t know it yet, people may feel happy or unhappy sooner.Some are trying to make themselves happy with wealth and fame. But happiness search is a goal that puts you on the wrong path… First, it has the implication that you are looking for happiness but donot already have it.Secondly, everyone feels happy, it is only when people experience so much happiness that ‘ happiness ‘ loses its meaning. But it lacks an element. Namely your existence.

Once I was walking through the streets of Amsterdam I looked through the street and saw hundreds of people walking.People from the Netherlands and from other cultures. So many people that I felt unnoticed. And thought to myself: “among all these hundreds of people you do not mean anything.” “What do we have to you when there are so many people who can replace you?”

At such times you are questioning your existences regardless of whether you feel happy.I ended up behind my life goal when I had heard commentators about the book, ‘ The Principles of Seduction by G Clayton Viddler. ‘ Though this is a book on how you can attract your partner from an opposite sex.It also informs you a lot about the ‘ ego. ‘

Through this book I was behind my own motive .Namely Wisdom.Everyone has a motive whether or not you are aware of it. This motive or ego affects all the great choices that man makes in his life.From which partner you want to stay for a lifetime to the profession you want to exercise.

But in any case… What fulfills my existences is by knowing things that most do not know about.For example, I like social science. And that especially what about teenagers goes and the dill programs that come around that age. Growing up, love, computers, creativity, popularity, ect.. I also like to read psychology, NLP, philosophy, esotericism, semantics and epistemology.

I like to keep myself busy with philosophies about life after death.Am going to think about subjects such as whether consciousness persists after physical death. Because that is a good question, is consciousness a side effect in the brain or something metaphysical?

Had already deepened me a lot in NLP (Neuro linguistic programing) and was learning more about the wonders of the subconscious mind and techniques used by advertising.

Epistemology, semantics and logic are the current topics I am concerned with.And look forward to learning even more like apologetics and ontology. Also to read more about famous people like Hegel and David Hume. My goal is to get more and more knowledge. But the skill to be able to include complicated concepts that Hegel has it for example is not yet developed enough. That kind of matter is the epitome of knowledge… Lol..

And if you have a lack of existences I recommence the book that was mentioned above.Although I do hear that the book is more focused for people at university level. Maybe you can find commentators who have read the book.

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