What is your opinion about the ‘ yellow vests protest ‘ in France? Is there a need for ‘ yellow hesjes ‘ protests in the Netherlands?

Without parliamentary actions, we would still not have a general electoral right and be ruled by a hereditary potentate.

A fact is that everywhere in the world the division between rich and poor, but especially between chance and chance, is becoming ever greater.In this sense, such ripples, like now those yellow blades, are useful, because they show the mighty to what extent they can cope with themselves and other empires to favor. Both sides benefit. The Hesjes, because small concessions were obtained, those with power because they can gauge the degree of dissatisfaction and action readiness and thus maintain the status quo.

After all, no one is waiting for what happened to Louis XVI, Nicholas II, Ceaucescu and Khadaffi.They had created societies where such alarm signals were suppressed. Until it was too late.

Without consumer organisations and critical press we would all eat toxic-produced, genetically modified mess.We are doing so now, but infinitely less than if we would let the “market” do its work uncontrollably.

Without elections, politicians would favour uncontrollably themselves and their families and boyfriends.They do now, but not all of them, and to a much lesser extent than when they would not be accountable, if only in elections.

I am not saying that entrepreneurs and politicians are poorer people than others.I only say that power tends to isolate, corrupt and strive for perpetuation. Whoever comes in such a position. The people who have the power and the people who believe they would do it better.

On the one hand, I do have sympathy for the “Yellow Hesjes”.I have already encountered them in Belgium a number of times and they were always friendly. I naturally reject the excessive violence in Brussels and Paris.

The big problem with the “yellow Blades”, and with many similar protest movements, is that they actually protest more against something than for something.

One is against the fuel tax, but does not really give an alternative.A good example is the “yellow blades” that had taken place in Belgium in the climate Mars. They are opposed to the fuel tax, but also to the lack of measures to combat climate warming.

Then one gives vague statements like “It always comes to the hood of the poor”, but really a concrete policy proposal is not there.It is comparable to the concerns of the people on the climate Mars. They do want measures against climate warming, but do not dare to talk about nuclear energy.

Do we need a signal to the political power that there is a certain group of people who really are struggling?Yes, but it bothers me how one expects magical solutions. I think it’s OK to see them in the street image as long as they don’t use violence; It makes an invisible group visible (literally and figuratively), but really concrete solutions do not have to be expected.

No, there is no need for people who want to get the guillotine back from stable because they want to replace an elected president with someone who has lost the elections.And not at all if that is massively supported by the Russians.

I agree with the other replies.However, I would like to add that a “third” France has appeared during these protests. We have the city centres where the wealth is increasingly concentrated, the “banlieues” or peripheral cities where immigrants usually live and in addition all those who cannot afford the city centres, but who also do not want to interfere with the immigrants and WHO So have bought their property in cheaper but otherwise secluded places… Their freedom is therefore dependent on the gasoline price. You already know the rest.

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