What is your opinion about the current translations in the Dutch User Interface?

I find it generally good.

A few dots.

“Report” is translated as “report”.I would translate that personally as “report.” Reporting is more neutral, and reporting is, I think, a better translation.

“Replies” are “requested replies,” which should be “requested replies”.Request is something that already exists, applications in this case is better. The same applies to “request” on the “email and Notification Settings” page.

Is email, incidentally, not also just a Dutch word, without the indents?Email is simply accepted by the Dutch Firefox correction program.

But those are the worst things.Haha. Well done though!!

Quora user

The translation is generally good, but in some places what is too literal and reads a bit crooked.Some examples:

Reply Menu

  • Left menu: “Give up requested answers” (What are “requested replies”?)
  • “Popular in requested this Week” (“requested”?

and an extra capital letter that is not needed)

Profile Menu

  • Left menu: “Shared Once” (= number of times shared?)

Topics Menu

Some terms have a better Dutch term, sometimes the Dutch term.. Well it exists.. But no one uses it seems to me. E.g.

  • “Automated Learning” I don’t know if this is officially Dutch or not but it comes to me to use “rule return key” instead of the more common Enter key.

Just prefer to keep “Machine Learning” here than a Dutch equivalent.

  • “Physics” is good Dutch, but “physics” is more common
  • “Quantum Entanglement” is perhaps a Dutch translation of “Quantum”, but I would never use that term.
  • Just as for “Loop-Quantum Gravity”. Perhaps the more technical the term is, better to use the English name.

    I am pleased that “positive assessment” will soon be “Upvote” and “negative assessment” a “Downvote”.

    It remains a difficult given.

    For example, use your or your.

    Quora uses your I prefer your sooner, but I am possibly some of the old stamp.But this is a choice a house style. ‘ Your ‘ is more formal ‘ your ‘ is possibly something hipper or more modern.

    Drafts has been translated as ‘ concepts ‘.In my opinion, a concept is rather an idea or a collection of ideas and does not fully cover the load. I would not translate draft and retain the English word (‘ Home ‘ and ‘ content ‘ were also retained elsewhere)
    If you want to translate ‘ drafts ‘ You can also use ‘ scratch ‘.For Home I don’t have a good alternative (although you can use the Start page of course) for content I would rather prefer ‘ content ‘.

    Answer requests has been translated as “give requested replies.” Why not just ‘on Demand‘ it is already under the ‘ Questions ‘ section Maw from the context is ‘ on demand ‘ clear enough.

    I may add other things.

    ‘, ‘ I would translate it as ‘ user environment ‘ but is not really clear.The ‘ layout of the website ‘ is a much better translation. So you can often not translate one on one and I think the higher educated have great difficulty with this kind of skills.

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