What is your opinion about the cartoons of today compared to those of your childhood?

I found the cartoons of the past more enjoyable and better than nowadays on the television.

I so coincidentally a few months ago once passed DuckTales.I was surprised to find that there is apparently a new version of it. Computer animated with a much worse flatter storyline and worse acting than in the original.

It’s like there’s no love in the work.A beaten copy.

On the other hand, you also have exceptions.A cartoon series of which I can really appreciate some episodes is Rick & Morty. Coincidentally heard of a younger IT student, and he’s right in my opinion, some episodes are quite funny.

It is not very much about whether it was better before, but more if there is soul in the work.Unfortunately, I do not think it goes as well with the cartoon industry. It feels like waning, just like newspapers.

The cartoons from my childhood will never be surpassed by the animated films of today.

They are the founders of the animated cartoons of today.Don’t want to say that today’s cartoons are not fun.

Occasionally you have those weird cartoons for kids, where it looks like you’ve taken truffles or Pado s.Is because it is too busy and confusing, or that you are running all the time searching for the clue of the story.

Also, in the cartoons of the past, a wise lesson was always given.Like the Disney movies or even Dragon Ball Z.

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the Looney Tubes, all animated films in M N youth who cannot be surpassed by the cartoons of today.

Think that even today’s youth is agreeing with M N View

Maybe it’s a bias, but I have the idea that the current cartoons (and then I’m not talking about Disney/Pixar creations) contain much less depth.

I am very often told that the cartoons of today are so mooio drawn, if I see Ikz e then I do not find that right.

That very sharp lines style does nothing to me, I have more with the cartoons Petrie the years 80, yeah ok those had some riommelig image and looked less polished out but they were great and I found them beautiful.

It used to be much more labour-intensive to put together a cartoon.Nowadays you can make a cartoon with a computer and free or inexpensive software. The fact that it has become so easy to put together a cartoon nowadays makes that the level can be very variable as well. Since Pixar started working with 3D computer models, the playing field has changed completely.

With that in mind, there are plenty of animated cartoons nowadays that I really don’t want to do to my children.In addition, there are also modern cartoons that I would like to watch with my children. Think of a Gravity Falls, or several Pixar movies and a lot of the DreamWorks movies.

Some of the cartoons of the past are timeless, I suspect that there are also plenty of nowadays where we find the same thing in 10 or 20 years.

It comes down to it, the quality is very variable nowadays, certainly more so than in my childhood.That is not to say that nowadays there are not also very good and nice cartoons. All in all, I’m quite satisfied with the quality I can find.

Much busier, much more incentives per second.Many of them have been made with a clear didactic goal, while I have the impression that the ‘ Vroeger was mainly about amusement.

I’m not sure yet if I find the animations of today less violent.They are more realistic in terms of violence and I think that is more dangerous than Spike that Tom sits behind with a baseball bat and then gets an anvil on his head-and does not die.

Animation and technique of now is much better to such an extent that it can happen realistically.Some variety is also more extensive.

Content weaker now as it used to occur and where violence occurs, it is often not accompanied by an educational and moral theme, but merely represents pure violence.

Terrible!!!I really find n贸t can. Nowadays cartoons seem to be super superficial in the sense of no time bother intended cats can be better scratching and are brutal. In me childhood cartoons were still hand drawn every movement of a cartoon figure was carefully put on paper I do not know on how many hundreds of sheets. And they have told story. Very often even instructive story! Nowadays it’s about baby search ways how his father is going to bully and does things that as adults you would never dare. Not normally I personally find.