What is your opinion about the arrival of Donald Trump to the Netherlands?

Apart from his person, he is the head of state of the US. Being on good footing with the country itself is important and Donald Trump’s invite belongs to it I think so. There will be some diplomatic and business interests attached to my speculation.

Donald Trump also criticizes the Dutch defence budget for example.Such a visit may mitigate the criticism.

OHet seems best to me when he comes with five December.Then he can with the black Pieten in the picture. It would greatly increase its popularity in the U. S. A among a large part of the population.

The main problem in the USA are the big income differences.Now many empires find this no problem. You can remove the attention from this problem by highlighting other problems such as the criminality of blacks and Latinos. Or rather, you explain the problem of income differences where it belongs: to the poor. They are, after all, the fault of economic inequality. Tax reduction on tax reduction and yet they do not address their chances of earning money.

From me he may.

We are still very much in the Netherlands for Western American culture.And Trump is still the head of state of one of the most powerful countries in the world, a country that helped us out of the war, which ensured that we in the Netherlands were as technologically industrialised as their own in the years 70, and what ensured that we LS could be one of the first to enjoy a modern economy, whatever your political vision may be.

The least we can do is receive him warmly when he sets foot on Dutch soil.

Oh, that’s not coming anyway.

I do think that the invitation is a smart move. If he does, Putin will not thank him and strengthens the position of Bolton as far as Maduro is concerned.If he doesn’t come, it only becomes clearer that he is Putin’s manager and here in the US it’s not that bad at all. Especially at the right wing.

Presumably he thinks that the Netherlands is the capital of Hamburg, so someone has to give him a look….

What does the Netherlands actually offer to the world, or in this case to the US, and Trump.Nothing. The POTUS makes it more sensible to leave this stupid frog country left, and his energy is sticking in those countries that have something to mean.

The question is, where did you get your information about the US from to make your judgement about this question?That is what it is all about. For the most part I read the expected answers actually. But, who reads CNN, WSJ and Fox News here? Msnbc? Bbc? Or only the Dutch or Belgian newspapers?

Likes from Facebook?

Likes on Twitter.


Conditioning to liken.Give the people what the people want. They search for confirmation and likes. Few are able to read opinions or facts that do not make them come true. Then hell breaks loose on Twitter. What used to be in the local Cafe (bar) was a caf茅 quarrel is now a Twitterstorm. Not hindered by knowledge in this matter, completely loose.

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The EU

It is encouraging that we can express his opinion here.If one hates Trump, it can. France was very close with Iran (Total, oil Revenues for Iran (1)). Turkey (2) is paid by the EU to stop the refugees, without us wanting to know how. We are now importing Russian gas (3), if we were to call Ukraine, we know how they think about Russian gas and the consequences of dependence. China (4) buys European ports. Money in Europe is enough to sell your mom. The right price. In Europe, we are globalists, we believe in the world and everyone is good at it. That is why France received Fortis in Belgium (5) for 4 billion. The bank and the insurances,. While the insurances were not in trouble. BNP Fortis Belgium now makes 1.2 billion profit quarterly. Didier Reynders (6), then Minister of Foreign Affairs, received a play by the French president. La Legion d’honneur. Electrabel was sold to France, France shifted all debts to Belgium so that no tax was payable here and everything in France. We do not have to anchor our companies because we are all friends. In the meantime, Belgium has become a de facto colony of Franrkijk. Because we are friends. The Germans are also our friends, they take care of the pipeline of Russian gas. Great friends with Turkey because of great Turkish presence. And Europe always relies on the US militarily, while we never fully pay the contributions. The US solves it. I think the opinion, Trump is a jerk a large audience will reach in Turkey, Iran, China and Russia. However, do not dare to claim the same thing about the local elected president. I can still ask the question of how countries that preach death to the others are not taken by the mangle in a similar way? Trump is a Nazi but forgot to fill the camps, at least according to the EU press. However, there are enough countries that do have full camps and opponents who disappear in a traceless way. Writing about this gives you problems in the newspaper. So everything is about Trump, meaning and nonsense.

CNN vs. FoxNews (left versus right)

It is everyone’s duty to read both the left-hand media and the right-wing media.Only by comparing both can one come to a balanced judgement. What does not come right, is not prominent (or not) on Fox News. What links doesn’t come out is not on CNN or MSNBC. Who in Europe knows about the secret meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch (7)? Did you know that the administrator of Hillary’s not so legal server knew that China, North Korea and even Germany had hacked Clinton’s server (8)? That FISA warrants are secret and can only be used in very exceptional cases? That is to say that the opposing party is not heard and the State requesting the warrant is both burdensome and proof that it must resign? That the file on which the FISA warrant for Carter Page was based only contains the Steele file that was paid by a Clinton affiliate (9)? And that the applicants swore that this dossier was confirmed by a second source. That turned out to be Yahoo news. Yahoo News was tipped by Steele so that both sources were actually the same source? That Brennan was fired and still has a very important clearance for secret information and now earns his money for MSNBC? That if the appointment of Kavanaugh is a Republican appointment, which applies mutatis mutandis also to any other court? One knows the buggers well which judge was appointed by the Democrats and largely votes liberal and which conservative, appointed by the Republicans. For instance, we can designate every prosecutor and judge appointed by a Democrat or a Republican. At a change of power, important pawns of the opposing party are always replaced by pawns of the own party. Did you know that in Belgium Fientje Moermans had to step up as a minister (Open-VLD) (10) and now suddenly was appointed to the court in the Belgian Constitutional Court (11)? Google once Azerbaijan, Stef Goris (open-VLD) and court Constitutional Court. Not only in Belgium, Poland or the USA. It does not work and has never worked. The 4th power depicts a Disney world where everything is cake and egg and the wicked Wolf is very much an angry wolf. Actually, everyone is a piece of wolf and a piece of red Riding Hood. Read Kafka, Marx, Nietzsche, leftist and right-wing philosophers. Even the Greek and Roman philosophers knew it all. There is nothing new under the sun.

Another little one.How long have you been walking around this world? Have you often seen outsiders who won the presidential elections? Independents enough. Trump was and isn’t really a Republican. But despite the great clans within the Republican Party (McCain, Bush,…) He defeated everyone of that party. The Bush dynasty is still furious for this defeat. Someone from the outside who just walst everything flat? Someone without a political “career”? Goes against a Democratic candidate who has the support of virtually all media. 2% chance that Trump wins. 98% that he loses. A person who does such prediction clearly has no idea of how it was. That does not know what is happening to the population. However, these heroes and transmitters are only quoted in Europe. With his all against Trump. But Europe does not have a decent army, counts on the US. Has no independent economy, the world currency is and remains the dollar. Europe is making more and more deals with let us say, slightly less cool countries from financial necessity. The US and China are fighting for the “winner takes All” dominance in KI (AI, artificial intelligence) and Europe is nowhere to be found in this war. That is to say, as usual in Europe, we are to laugh at our most powerful ally, and soon (as the car moguls and the tariffs on the Knien in Washington were going to beg) have to appeal to them. And only because nobody takes the trouble to put the spoiled media in Europe on the roster once and confront them with what appears on CNN and Fox News, what one does not say and the other does and vice versa? Who is afraid of reading the information that comes from two sides? The reason is that the twittering, Facebooking, Instagrammende pack only reads what the own opinion confirms. Cognitive bias. Trump’s victory is quite unique, not good or bad, unique. Larry Page, the man who provided you with search results was/is a great Hillary sponsor (12). Google and Facebook, so essential to a few people in the world, decide what information you’ll see. And they have the money and the means to show an entire population what they want you to see. A monopoly is always bad. And a monopoly on information is not yet complete, but within a few years. And then no one can still prove manipulation. I am for digitisation, but at the same time rewrite all the books in the world is Fsyiek impossible. However, In Google search it can. Think about that. The next US election in 2020 will be important for Google and Facebook. Either they are elected who are not well-disposed to them, or the others. If that doesn’t ring a bell then I don’t know it any more.

To make it clear, I have to train myself against cognitive bias.I too would rather read only what was right for me. I am not a Republican nor a Democrat. I have a mix of both views. I am for women who are allowed to decide on their own body (abortion), for LGBT rights, but I also know how hard the world is. And Trump is only interested in Trump. Boers but also has humor. Hard in negotiations (Rocket Man) to screw back then. He is not a likeable president like Obama. In terms of cheap sponsored imports, it was seriously time that something was done about it. By the way, he did what our hero Allerhelden, Commissioner De Gucht stood for, namely the cheap Chinese dumping of solar panels just followed. Dumpingtax or import rates, it’s just the same. Strange that the same is still being received differently, isn’t it? Two sizes and two weights. Einstein said it all, two things are infinite, the universe and the stupidity of the people, and on the first I’m not sure.Anyone can (yet) find information on the Internet, Fox News is now the topper in terms of viewing figures (CNN loses heavily).Always winners and losers keep reading and watching. Never hear 1 clock ringing.

It’s really not about the person Trump.It’s about information. If you want to look up information, then Google you once FIAT money and its consequences. You can take your fairytale book and read “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Slaapwel.

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In itself good for trade relations.It’s a malloot of course, but he’s just chosen.


America is sliding.Down. Doesn’t even matter if it’s Trump, because it’s been working for years. (War begins on the basis of self-conceived evidence…)

We can focus much better on our neighbours, and towards the east…

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