What is your motivation to write answers to Quora?

I am a teacher.I wanted to be a real teacher when I was young, unfortunately I never succeeded in my circumstances, but it is in my blood.

I like to share what I know.I like to explain. I want to know know, and write for people who want that too.

In addition, I have been seriously chronically ill for years, and can be extremely little.But replies write on Quora I can. That feels good, that feels useful. That’s fine, because I don’t feel very useful in my daily life. It is a very basic need of man, to be necessary and useful.

I noticed years ago that writing for me is the leisure activity that gives me the most satisfaction.

For years I write,

And for years I keep this frightening for me.

However, I now realise that in order to grow as a writer a piece of vulnerability is a prerequisite.

You see directly which pieces, with what kind of tone, are in the taste of what kind of audience.

Quora is a good learning school.

In addition

I once formulated an answer to a question.

One of the responses was that this answer:

  • Clear
  • Well structured,
  • But at the same time was also very funny.

I found that particular…

In everyday life, namely,

When I am speaking,

Then I hear mainly:

  • That they don’t understand anything,
  • That the story goes on all sides,
  • And I’ve never seen anyone laugh.

I found such a response to Quora as pleasant and encouraged me to write in any case.

I happened to be rolled in before.

I had an account on the English version for quite a long time.

One of the features of that account is that Quora regularly sends you an email with the Quora Digest (‘ Quora featured ‘) at the beginning that is nice, but after a while it is still about as SPAM.

One day I was reading anyway and I came to a question regarding the IUPAC name of Et-O-Et.

I found it odd that on such a simple question nobody was completely correct.So I answered them myself. And then one more and one.

From it one came the other and in the meantime I already answer more than 1000.Mostly because of chemistry, because it is what I do and possibly that is also the only subject where I can really contribute something.

I’ve never been so for social media.I do not have Facebook BV and I want to keep it that way. But Quora I find quite nice.

It is odd but it does do a bit with you if some person from India or Indonesia does the trouble to thank you for your chemistry-answer about the acidity of benzoic acid, vinegar and formic acid.Or that I should write a book on ‘ Fun-facts ‘ of chemistry. It’s kinda like Bram Vermeulen and the stone. “I have shifted a stone into a river on Earth” It is probably only a measly pebble but that random chemistry student I have helped but nicely and that gives a good feeling.

Apart from that, I also learn things myself about the most crazy things: the shape of the penis of the duck, why you should dry your razor well after shaving, or why copper dies give better pasta.

You also meet people from other cultures, crazy Americans who lock me up in their basement, or super smart Chinese girls of 15. (She could be my daughter perfectly.)

I also think my English has improved on it. Although I keep making stupid mistakes, I sometimes feel like it’s not all that easy. But soit the people have to take that.

On some answers I’m actually quite proud.A trio have been published on Quora-Twitter and 1-Tje has appeared in Apple News and Forbes.

So I don’t do it so badly, though I say it myself.

Most of my answers are quite serious though sometimes I can’t let it get up my humorous side.(Successful or unsuccessful.) See e.g. What is the difference between breast,, and, And How do squirrels stay hydrated?

In the meantime there is also the Dutch Quora.

Also great, but still different.No pure chemistry answers here, but the things I feel like at the time.


Just because it can!

And of course because you also come across crazy Dutch:-).

I started somewhere in 2014 with answers to Quora (English).
Already pretty soon, my answers were picked up by a number of people, including a few “famous Quranen.This was during the time that credits were still awarded that you could use to promote answers.
That has motivated me to write more in the beginning.

I have addressed four subjects in writing, although I also pick up on other subjects at times:

  1. I have been meditate for several decades and have quite a lot of experience with it.

I have no difficulty in giving advice on a level of detail what others-less experienced-cannot or can be tricky

  • I am reasonably familiar with the ancient Buddhist writings, the Suttas (Theravada, not Mahayana).
  • I write about my field
    1. Business-IT Integration (I am a business analyst at the Asset management side of a pension implementer)
    2. Institutional/Pension investments

    I write mainly to push myself, by writing things up in a way that others can also understand, I force myself to understand my field very well.It is very easy to fall into jargon, but to break through the jargon and to describe things simply is a challenge.
    Precisely this quality helps me very much in my field, in which there is a lot of jargon in both the IT and the asset management area.

    Furthermore, I am also active in the background (although nowadays a little less, it is now 20:50 and I am on the way from work home) on some more qualitative topics on Quora: Topic Gnomery and Redirection Hell.
    This is related to the way the information is processed on Quora and gives me insight into how information structures work and what challenges are present.

    Incidentally, I must honestly confess that I am a lot more active on the English as the Dutch Quora, my field is mainly English.

    I find explaining, arguing and discussing fun.I am often also more active in the commentsections than anything else. Writing takes the opportunity to run your own assumptions and display them in such a way that someone else ‘ r ‘ can also do something with it. I also see the writing as a good exercise for my communicative skills.

    But what drew me over the streak to write on Quora is politics.When I went out of curiosity on Quora NL, I was shocked at the amount of extreme right-wing views that went around. Because I am relatively familiar with the ideas of extreme right and internet culture in general I am in a good position to offer a reword. I am then regularly explaining why racism is bad (preferably without using the word racism). You would say that this is so trivial that this does not really need any explanation, and it is honestly intellectually not truly a challenge, but considering I can, and I think it is necessary, I am going to do it. Not so much to convince supporters of the extreme right, or to convince others of my political orientation (I am barely convinced myself), but rather to show third parties how far-right and what you can do against them.

    I do my best to write my pieces as accessible and with as little disapproval as possible.Not that I’m particularly good at this, or that I don’t like walking on eggshells, but it’s good practice. After all, I am in training as a social worker. To keep it fun for myself, I am increasingly applying other disciplines to my answers. Lately biology has come back more and more, because there is my interest in the moment. This does not benefit the accessibility of my answers, but again this is a learning point.

    In fact, I write mostly on Quora to learn.I learn how other people think through discussion, I better learn to organize my arguments, I learn better how to deal with difficult people and I learn to write better. Precisely by cutting sensitive subjects you run into problems, and the only way to get better at this is to tackle these kinds of problems.
    Because this is essentially a learning process, while the topics in which I write are often very fraught, I often feel insecure about the quality or content of the pieces I write.Sometimes I also have to take the distance consciously. But so far I come back again every time. Not only because I think it’s fun or important to develop myself, but it’s a good thing to read in comments that people find my answer worthwhile, or at least have given food for thought.
    I don’t have to get much upvotes either.The topics I discuss are often not very nice, and despite my dedication the answers are often not, so I’m not counting “r” either. But if Quorans that I myself have high in the banner give me upvotes, then that gives confidence in my own skill. Thanks to these people, the commenters and the upvoters, I don’t like to write, and I will continue to do so in the future. So for those who feel approached, thank you for reading, the feedback and assisting in the good atmosphere at Quora!

    I like writing fun.Writing forces me to formulate well and clearly. Whether this also succeeds is a second.

    By writing I am also forced to think.It deepmines my understanding.

    Other than a diary, there are also readers, so I can’t take them with short notes.What I write should also be clear.

    I find giving I think more fun than getting it.And getting without doing anything back is nothing to me. And I find the sharing of my knowledge self-evident. I have been amusing it thanks to others and for a very small part there myself added something.

    I’ve noticed that writing me gives some more clarity in my head.It feels good to sometimes put my thoughts on a list or to be able to get rid of them. I think this is instructive. Quora in other languages I mainly use to improve my language skills.

    I am writing at first answers to Quora for myself, because I am sometimes quite busy in my head.But if I’ve helped someone with one of my answers, that’s always nice.

    I like it.Nothing more, nothing less.

    All of my ideas might sometimes be a little hard to swallow, if so, sorry for the irritation.And I do not own any official documentation of my knowledge, so if my answers are not worth anything I have to accept it.

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