What is your favorite work (book, film, series, poem, Painting…) that at first sight seems very simple and superficial, but actually has a much deeper meaning?

I am a huge fan of Stephen King.Many people think that his books are only about horror, but that is not the case. Others say that it is not a real literature, but in his case, it is not about the form, but about the content.

For me (and that’s my personal opinion, based on my own experience) Stephen King is about minorities.Children who are different and are being peted. Women who are married to a violent man. Widowers, elderly, addicts or just unconventional people… They have a good spot in his books. And they fight against fundamental and “monsters”.

Stephen King said: “Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too.They live inside us, and sometimes, they win. “

In his books, the minorities (who are not always super smart, or super attractive and who also have no easy lives) win the monsters and often the monsters are the “good people” within society.I can really redefine and appreciate that.


Another favorite of mine is the “Drifting block” exhibition At the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.I never thought that a concrete block could be so fascinating.

I have no idea of the original intent of Drifting Block (and I don’t want to look it up) but it’s just deeply gripping and it has aroused a lot of feelings to me.

“There lived once, in a large forest, a poor lumberjack and a poor hatchet woman.”

“No, no, no, no.Rest assured, it’s not about little thumb! Not at all. Myself, like you, hate that ridiculous story. Where and when has anyone seen parents leaving their children because they can’t give them food? “

This is the intro to a booklet of barely a hundred pages, disguised as a fairytale, the horrors of the Second World War, the Holocaust, the concentration camps, the heroes and the traitors, the hatred and love with surgical precision.

The title: ‘ La plus pr茅cieuse des marchandises-un Conte of the French director Jean-Claude Grumberg.Publishing house Seuil.

I give only one given price.A young father in a ‘ freight train ‘ on the way to a destruction camp decides to throw one baby of his twins out of the wagon’s window. After all, his wife has no more milk to feed both. That baby becomes the most precious of all ‘ goods ‘…

An absolute must for those who have mastered the language of Moli猫re and have enough tissues at hand!Because you are not a.

C茅line, are we going to translate?

The painting Et In the Arcadia Ergo Sum of Poussin.You see shepherds in a paradisiacal landscape that breathes eternal beauty and happiness, the shepherds are tanned, core healthy and right of body and members. By chance, they discover an inauspicious inscription behind a few shrubs…

Avengers Endgame for Tony Stark and Natashsa romonof go dead

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