What is your favorite PC game?

A whole OLE since I play PlayStation just yet know your dungeon keeper from Bullfrog?Great game.

The first ‘ real ‘ game I played was Final Fantasy 7-When I was still in elementary school, 10 – 11 years old I was.Understood the balls of it but I got there! In the end this has become one of my favorite games of all time. Oh The discussions with my mother: ‘
You have to turn it off now! ‘
‘ But I haven’t found a savepoint yet! ‘
Of course, I don’t have to say that I’m really waiting for the ‘ new ‘ FF7 to come out.Super Fat!

Another of my all time favorites is Dungeon Siege.1 and 2 were fantastic, 3 was a very weak rip off of Diablo for me. I have been smite in the virtual corner after three quarters of a quarter.

‘, “No man’s Sky

“,” There are games where I’ve put in a lot of hours:

  • Command and Conquer (1)/Red Alert (1 and 2)
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon (1 and 2)
  • Wolfenstein New Order Series
  • Skyrim
  • World of Warcraft (about 400 game days, so that time 24 then you have game hours)
  • Anno (any version)
  • Theme Hospital
  • C & C Renegade

But games I always come back to are City builders/SIM games.At the moment I like to play Cities Skylines, Dawn Of Man and banished.I can really spend whole days there. Of those games that when you play in the morning look back and that it is then dark. Or just when it is dark (evening) and then light will turn.


I have played many very nice computer games such as Redcat, Freddi Fish, A2 Racer, Holiday Racer, Europa Racer, Amsterdoom, Call of Duty, Need for Speed, Tonka Raceway, Tonka construction site 2, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Euro Truck Simulator 2, World of Tanks, Ace of Spades and much more.

But, ultimately, nothing is nicer than the relatively simple minesweeper.

You first click on a few squares randomly and then you will see boxes with numbers in it that indicate how many bombs are in the surrounding fields. Then you mark the bombs with a flag (right mouse button) so that you can no longer click it accidentally, and you click on all the safe fields. A slightly faster method is to, if a field indicates that there are two bombs in the surrounding fields, while you have already marked both bombs with a flag, with your left and right mouse buttons at the same time on those 2 clicks, after which all other safe Boxes around those 2 are automatically kicked in.

Windows 3.11, 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP have the best version of Minesweeper, which is simply simple and practical. Windows Vista, 7, and 8 have added visual effects to minesweeper.In my opinion, this is a decline, but it is still playable. By default, Windows 10 no longer comes with minesweeper. You have to install minesweeper manually, but the version of minesweeper you get is a very nice version, with lots of animations, sounds and even advertising in between.

The old version of Minesweeper also works on Windows 10, but has the disadvantage that Windows 10 runs on modern computers and people there use modern, large displays with high screen resolutions, while the size of the old minesweeper game is not relative to your screen resolution, but is an absolute number of pixels.With a small screen resolution, you can play the old minesweeper, but with a large screen resolution, the Minesweeper window becomes so small, that it is no longer fun to play. You see the boxes badly and often miss because the boxes are so tiny.

If you are using a Debian-based Linux distribution, you can install minesweeper with the command “APT Update” followed by “Apt Install kmines”.If I’m not mistaken, Kmines is in the/usr/games folder and it’s called “Kmines”. You then load that game with the command “/usr/games/kmines” or “CD/usr/games” followed by “./kmines”.

When I was 17 years old, I had once broken a record in minesweeper by getting 117 seconds (less than two minutes!) at the “Expert” level.I’m 21 years old now, and 117 seconds I can’t do anymore, but 177 seconds (less than three minutes) I still succeed! 😀

(This is not K-mines, but this is “Winemine”, a program that comes standard when you install THE wine program in Puppy Linux.

This program allows Linux users to run Windows programs)

I hope to beat the old one once more.

I have to say that I find the Debian version of Minesweeper (K-mines) slightly more convenient than the Microsoft version of Minesweeper.

First of all, the Debian version of Minesweeper is relative to your screen resolution, so you can also quietly play with a high screen resolution.

Second: The first click in the Debian version ensures that you immediately click on a completely empty box (not even on a number) and you can play right afterwards, while in the Microsoft version, I have to click every new jar that starts but wild in the round m Et my left middle finger on the F2 button to start right away in case I get to the very beginning on a bomb trap.

A small afterparticle of the Debian version is that I am accustomed to the Microsoft version that I can click on question marks, while that in the Debian version can not.If you right-click a box in the Debian version twice, you will get a question mark, but if you then conclude that that box is safe, you cannot click on that question mark immediately. You have to remove that question mark first and then you can click it.

But, don’t be ashamed if you do much longer than 3 minutes to win with minesweeper.This is the first time I won with minesweeper at level “Expert”.

As you see, I did the first time 904 seconds, which is more than fifteen minutes!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt incl.

All Dlcs. I’m not an avid gamer in the sense that I am structurally a lot of game, but occasionally I encounter a game in which I can lose myself for a period of time. Skyrim, Fallout 4 are also games that I have had a lot of fun with, but they don’t get it at TW3. The game is based on a book series by Andrzej Sapkowski and that you notice the quality of the different storylines. They are well thought out with captivating characters and interesting character development.

The game is set in an open fantasy world that feels very lively and mature and is a huge part of it.The graphics were sublime for that time and the eye for detail of the creators is amazing. I can really enjoy it and caught myself on a regular basis that I was just strolling around to see everything. Also fun are the many sidequests that are often set up with a lot of humor and deliver memorable moments. I think I have a total of about 200 hours on TW3 incl. Dlcs spent and got me entertained from start to finish.

Months later I could still be longing for the moment when I walked through the streets of Novigrad, with the rays of a setting sun reflecting on the stained-glass windows of the surrounding facades.When you know how to create such experiences as game developers, you really made something special.


World of Warcraft, Skyrim, The Witcher (all three), Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Counter-Strike, Battlefield..

Far Cry

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