What is your dream car? Do you think you can even buy it?

The car that approached the most my dream car was a Volvo 164 (the earlier version with the U-bumber, as below).

But the 6 cylinder engine was less reliable and a lot less economical than the four cylinder, so in the end I went for the Volvo 144 DL, see below.

I have had years of fun, in the time you were allowed to drive as hard as you wanted on the Dutch highways.

After that, a Jaguar XJ6, Series 1, 2, or 3 was my dream car.

Truly one of the most beautiful cars ever, from William Lyons.

But at that time, they were already so old that it became a XJ40, a slightly tighter years 90 model.

Also had many years of fun, until it was stolen and fired.

Then I finally caved for my dreams and became the Daimler DS420, even though it was actually on the old side as a car for every day.

Below you see him standing on the driveway of a friend, great holiday car too because you can take it all in and then there is another sea of place to sit

Really a dream, but not very practical.

I have enjoyed it for a number of years.

Now I don’t dream of cars anymore.So I only had boring but reliable cars, a BMW 528, a Mercedes A and now a Skoda Suberb.

Dream Car?Wow difficult question. As a car enthusiast I don’t have a real favorite car but one that is very close is the Centenario roadster.

Whether I can ever pay him?

Absolutely not. This beauty costs $2.3 million dollars and only 20 of them are made just like the standard version. I started my first driving lesson but even then I think I’ll never see one at all let Stana say I can buy one.

I never dream of having to add a certain sense of realism right away.A dream must always be more or less reachable for me.

My ‘ realistic ‘ dream car for daily use?The Tesla Model S. Expensive, but also not extravagant expensive and moreover inexpensive if you look at the cost price per kilometer. If the 2dehand prices continue to sink, it is certainly not so unrealistic.

My ‘ realistic ‘ dream car for sporty use?

The Nissan GT-R. A budget Porsche as it were. The chance that I would buy it effectively, even if I could, is rather small.

The most beautiful car I have ever seen

The most beautiful car, ever created, is the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio.

Search for it on Youtube.

It is completely electric; It is powered by four electro motors, one for each wheel.

But first, I have no driver’s license.

And secondly, no money to pay him.

But even that is not the main reason, that I will never be able to buy it.

I can’t buy it because it’s not for sale. It is a prototype.

He is ready and you can take it away.

But Lamborghini sells it doesn’t already offer you twenty million.



A donkervoort.

Purely to form.Shiek but very sporty.

With wing doors and a very separate grill.

Bit vampire like.

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