What is your argument (a comprehensive argument!) for God’s existence or not?

The supernatural could also call you the otherwise-natural.According to Christian theology, it is like our material world created by Mr. Zebaoth the first and the last.

I could note that modern science also speculates on alternative realities, such as parallel worlds and other exotic theories to solve certain issues.The concept of eternal life is also a serious business, for example uploading our brains in computers. But this is somewhat different, and still goes out of the material reality, trying to bridge the gap to unanswered questions.

The material reality in itself is values-neutral.One works in essence with derivatives, indirect empirical findings and concepts that originate from a random process of evolution or a purposeful design by B. V guided evolution or an instant product, with as creator a Abrahamic God, one million Hindu gods or a Spaghetti monster. Incidentally, it is not difficult for both camps to ridicutise the other party and to preach for its own presbytery.

I do believe in the supernatural, which I have tried to compare on the basis of economic science.Not as proof, but as illustration and analogy, which of course is never conclusive but gives you a glimpse into my thinking window and logic. Economy is a serious concept, where we have the effects of brands. It works according to laws taught in schools and sometimes taken too seriously, because the system as such is quite erratic and can be opposed. Because the large variable is the man himself.

Economy is something we all know and want to understand but so in practice it works just as much as we want, especially if we are considering investing or other financial transactions.As with money, trust plays a big role and therefore human beings. Plus sometimes some wishful thinking which makes the whole sometimes a hurry religious practice rather than scientific.

The supernatural, there everyone also has his opinion, reservations and religion.For some people a serious business, sometimes to the absurd, while others pick up their shoulders and lead their lives, as if the only goddess who counts Lady Fortuna is: happiness, misfortune and coincidence. I believe it is a reality, which has some similarities with the economic principles we know: there are certainly laws and fundamental principles, but the decisive factors are entities with a personality and will, which have their own agenda.

The personal element is already a big bump to make some conclusive conclusions from our science.Personalities with their own will are seldom charmed to be laid on a petri dish, cut to pieces and be considered circus rarities. This I mean transfer, not literally, for clarity. When interacting with our dimension, they primarily follow the rules of their reality, as we usually do in fact. That is the second bump: we measure with tools from our material, while that other dimension is not measurable because it is tapping into our physics.

It is evident that there are a lot of quacks, cold-readers and other charlatans who claim to have a line with the Supernaturale world.Yet I do share the implicit belief that we can experience the supernatural, in a proper understanding of their rules of play and the interaction with our domain. And the final notion, that man besides the physical/material, also a spiritual receiver or transmitter can be for interacting with this otherwise-natural reality. I obviously understand and respect people, who on the other hand conclude, that something which is not to be measured does not exist. And normally that is the most logical and wise response, but that I no longer have that luxury in certain aspects, you will become clear.

With reasonable understanding of the conditions from the supernatural I applied myself the principle of experimentation: “theory-Test-result-repetition-comparable results.” And that M. I to a large extent confirmed the theory, above the correction factor of coincidence and other explanations.For me, this method of working is both honest and authentic enough, although I realise that for many people the conditions for such an approach are not exact enough, undesirable or arbitrary. It requires a different way of thinking where many people understandably are not open to it, because of a certain paradigm in science and bad religious information and experiences.

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