What is time and what is space.

What is time and what is space.

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The real present is the only thing that does not need to be proven. You have to believe in the past because you can only believe what you have experienced. But the nature of all things does not need to be believed, because it does not need to know. Therefore, whoever abandons the idea of a constant time also gives up faith in the nature of things, which we call science.

My contradiction with time dilation.

I think it is time to contradict the standard model of physics in relation to Einstein’s idea of time.I also disagree with the denial of absolute time or the denial of the same time, which had to be abandoned in view of Einstein’s idea of time dilation.

It is now a recognized view in 2019 that one has erred in terms of time and that time is only a product of our mind, but instead a real roman dimension would be considered as substitutes.

Everything stays the same, with my contradiction none of the existing scientific knowledge, including the theory of relativity, is called into question, but I only call for the supposed stretching of time to be better than pure compression. reinterpret.The results remain as they were.

Time dilation is actually determined by the radius of a circular function.Because a shorter distance also takes less time with a movement.

I suggest that it should be called bonitistic space contraction in the future, because the Lorenz contraction does not describe the facts correctly either.

Mistakes about mistakes – collectively ignored by science?

Again and again I read that time is faster or faster.should be slower. And i am therefore more and more concerned about why science, even now in this enlightened age, continues to ignore the existence of a real spatial 4th dimension collectively. There are always inconsistencies that correctly point to blatant errors.

1.Mistakes confuse time and clocks.

It is a widespread misinterpretation that time could go slower.Because time is not a thing that moves and can therefore only be associated with sooner or later. And in particular, there are associated companies that lead to serious misunderstandings when it comes to MORE or WENIGER.

Because LANGSAMER is MORE in space and FAST is LESS in space.But on slower clocks, the hands travel less distance, because earlier arrival means a time before the expected zeil. And on faster clocks, the hands travel more distance, because later arrival means a time after the expected zeil.

All scientifically serious experiments use clocks and thus prove the differences.However, since time is measured only as the length of a clock scale, or the smallest possible wavelength of cesium-atom clocks are counted, which are then equated to the length of a clock scale. Thus one collectively believes: ”’it has been proven that time can stretch.

But this is a misinterpretation, because in fact time is not measured, but space, or space, is measured.the spatial lengths of the distances travelled. Time, on the other hand, is in fact only equated to the rough distance, so the result is not measured directly, but interpreted.

The known theoretical reasons for contracting or expanding routes are assigned to a roman grain.So a harsh effect should do this, whereby exactly that effect is proven by a scientific survey with clocks and could no longer be misinterpreted, because the result is a direct measurement.

The interpretation of time arises from the idea that time can stretch, as a time a generous character, so that time can now also serve as an indispensable 4th roman dimension of the cremmung.I think it is now serious time to consider that the 4th dimension is real and spatially existing. And time is only the coordinate, which, with its forward-counting character alone, selects the present so that we understand the world. For the universe does not need the WHEN, but lives exclusively in the present, where the length of time has no relevance, because the place and time coordinates only need our mind, but not our universe, for that has no memory. And therefore, there must be a single presentable existing size, which characterizes the current spatial dimension of the grain, as what we need as the 4th dimension, in order to understand the null dimension, the time, which thus would be the 5th dimension.

2.Mistakes confuse time and space.

If you imagine the Big Bang then all directions of things point in the opposite direction of the bang point and if you capture all the things of expansion at every point of your sky tent at night, then you will see from the inside out on the widely scattered Pop point that you can only capture in your imagination from outside to the inside.

I think you know that time and the infinite distances affect the senses.So that you never see the NOW, but what was once. So you should now also be able to answer whether the swapped interior and outside is expressed over time or space. Or are the directions in the 4th dimension twisted in the pop point?

Inside to outside?
If you see the Big Bang as radiation in the sky tent, then you see the original point source at every point of your vision, i.e. from the inside.

And if you’re at the pop point now, you’d only be able to look at it from outside. Is this the fault of the temporal or spatial distance?

This shows that you don’t understand enough about time, because time is just a spatial curvature that your mind shapes appropriately without you having to understand it.Once you’ve captured this, you have to realize that our brain can give us something really brilliant, which really exists as a great size, but we can’t capture because of a lack of messages in the eye.

This is so brilliant that every thoughtful person thinks I am a baseless spinner.But this is precisely the factual illusion from whose point of view I can explain spatially to every temporal phenomenon what I try to describe in my block stupidly and popularly scientifically.

If you bend time, you don’t have to be surprised that science is not finding a successful end.The stretchability of time would then be to do the same thing over and over again and yet expect a different result each time.

How does the bonitistic space contraction replace the time dilation of the period.

The problem of mischief of fast or slow passing time.

In particular, I would like to point out that time is not a thing that can be slower or faster, but only knows early or later.Because slower or faster refers to speed and that is time and way.

Again and again the same problem – !!The time is not relevant !!

Always think of a bridge that leads over a bending valley.The deeper the curvature becomes, the shorter the bridge.

Case-1: A gravitational field makes the distances shorter, less distance less time.

The clock’s hand now travels a shorter distance. From this point of view, the clock would now be finished earlier, e.g. from 0-2 instead of 0-3 o’clock, the clock will follow 1 hour. But the clock is also caught by the shortening of the route and thus the radius of the watch becomes shorter and thus the clock hand is again at 3 o’clock. So nothing happens, no difference is visible.

Case-2: Far from a center of a gravitational field, the distances are longer, more distance more time.The hand of the watch now travels a longer distance. From this point of view, the clock would now be finished later, e.g. from 0-4 instead of 0-3 o’clock, the clock proceeds 1st hour. But the radius of the watch is also detected by the extension of the routes and thus the clock hand will be back to 3 o’clock. So nothing happens, no difference is visible.

The reference point of the clock comparison is the earth. On the earth there is a clock whose radius is not more cold or longer, so this watch must display the same time as the clocks of case 1 and 2. But since this comparative Earth clock knows nothing of it, that more or less time has been needed, now the Earth clock will show the actual time.

To Falls-1, we are dealing with a moving clock, whose time display was always balanced, although it actually saved more real and therefore less time.Such a clock therefore arrives earlier on Earth because it required less time for short distances, which interprets that earlier as a slowing Earth clock, because the moving clock indicates more time.

At Falls-2, we are now dealing with a clock in Earth’s orbit, whose time display was always balanced, even though it actually covered longer distances in real terms and therefore needed more time.Such a clock therefore arrives later on Earth because it needed more time for longer distances, which interprets that later as a faster-moving Earth clock, because the orbit clock suggests less time.

Time is an illusion of our mind to understand a 4D real space.

Time and space have different availability.Time is a virtual distance between two points, whereas space is a currently real distance. Thus, time is currently not real available, but can be grasped virtually through our brain as a memory to understand the BEING. Whereas space is always present ly, in order to BE without having to understand it. Time is therefore only a virtual aid of our mind in order to illusion us with an obviously real existential 4th spatial dimension. Such a four-dimensional thought model is already anchored in our genes, and that’s why we’ve developed a kind of sense of what we humans understand as a time so that we can optimize the present for the future.

That answer is my best argument so far.

In our evolutionary prehistory, the first beings of that time did not need time and therefore only developed 3D spatial perception.
Only later came the time and our construct of the mind had to be improved, because it was necessary to perceive a real existing spatial 4th dimension in order to cope better in the environment. But now the old construct was no longer “understandable” ™ and therefore the spirit found a brilliant solution that would solve the problem. But it has therefore only become more inexpendable for us Meschen to understand that more and more deep leads to outside. Yes, it twists your mind!!??

Inside to outside?
If you see the Big Bang as radiation in the sky tent, then you see the original point source at every point of your vision, i.e. from the inside.
And if you’re at the pop point now, you’d only be able to look at it from outside. Is this the fault of the temporal or spatial distance?

This shows that you don’t understand enough about time, because time is just a spatial curvature that your mind shapes appropriately without you having to understand it.

But not everyone sees the need to understand all this.We tend to think of the virtual as something real and interpret some statics as something dynamic and vice versa. For the 4th dimension, which we want to understand as a time dimension, is the amplitude of a spatial position. So to speak, the present real-life set of effects, which is characterized by the curvature of the first three dimensions into the 4th dimension. In this way, the curved portions of the track disappear from the 3D plane to a 4D plane, which we can only perceive in an electromagnetic way.

The value of this amplitude is only measured by a temporal lyrical measurement, although only the present lyrical state of the amplitudes of a spatially distributed spatial volume should be recorded, thus proving a moving but static form.

The following illustrations are intended to explain this measurement process and to determine the always present shape of the object.

Figure 1 shows in sinusoidal color gradation the spatially shortening effects of the curving effect on the 3D plane of space (gravity), the darker the denser.

The sine curve of image 2 or 3 including its polarity is three-dimensional to understand as helix whose red curve portions would be visible from the front. In Figs. 2 and 3, the vertical purple lines indicate the amount that indicates the current amplitude with which the first three dimensions were curved into the 4D plane. If you do not yet know the possible perspectives, curves and curvatures of such differential geometry, then follow this link.

For example, a photon is a spatially present part of the space, the characteristic state of which does not change serially over time, but whose current spatial amplitude is simultaneously available.I present the measurement structure with an animation, from which it should be seen that the photon itself has a statically always present form, which is perceived by us by us only for movement via the antenna as an electric oscillation.

I mean that time is not necessary to exist and function at present.

Space and time must again be regarded as separate in order to understand that equal time also presupposes equal presence. A denial of the same time would be tantamount to an illusion of our real existence.

If the object of viewing is a round clock, then the circle is a chain of several points in space.The clock’s hand also describes a circle, but this circle is never present in contrast to the statically existing circle of the clock.

Time is an unknown cause of whose effect we grasp as a movement.Time, however, can only capture beings that have a memory. Therefore, time is a past form of experience, an idea or an illusion to optimize the present. Therefore, time is only the saved memory of a journey travelled. Thus, time is always just something past, something no longer real, but only a vicarious idea of a spatial length, which is used as a stretch section of a spiritual time scale. The smallest possible route is the Planck line.

The spiritual order and administration of all this is then a kind of time-sense to grasp our world causally, but theis not synonymous with rationally conscious understanding.This sense of time obviously replaces a real spatial dimension. However, this sense of time does not correspond to physical spatial reality, but rather a kind of virtual orientation geometry that deals with virtual spatial distances as if they were currently presently presently presently present.

So time is only a part of our memory and by no means something real, but it serves our ideas to virtually create a possible present for us.Only in science did this leads to blatant illusory commissions. Because reality presents facts that do not meet the requirements of the standard model of physics. Because man as a scientist can often be such arrogant, as already historically known, there is an invitation to akausal indeterministic requirements, e.g. the denial of the equal time and the stretchability of time.

Time is therefore by no means a substantially variable size, but a virtual static replacement unit for the backed up quantity of the lengths.It replaces us with a real spatial dimension, because we can also grasp the effect. The standard model of physics is not yet suitable to describe the entire physical process plausibly. Personally, I can plausibly change this model of imagination by reusing my innate notion, where the equal time and consistency of the smallest possible distance are essential to describe the constant mechanism of the speed of light. read more).