What is the worst professional reference you have ever received?

My boss really got very busy, and so I didn’t. So he gave me a pile of over 200 cover letters with CVS for one vacancy.He asked me to sift the really unsuitable candidates.

One of the candidates he wrote that he was “Sociaaal, always ready for others, and was able to shoot well with everyone”.I thought it was a striking and funny comment, and looked again at the candidate’s name.

And then the penny fell.

I then recognized him from high school as the biggest bully who had ever walked around.He liked to belittle people, or ramming them. If someone had something he liked, he grabbed it. A cap, fountain pen, computer game, doesn’t matter. And he was hardly tackled because Daddy was in the school board.

If he had omitted that boasty and irrelevant remark, he might have gotten that job, because that RESUME was very beautiful, and I didn’t really look at the names.But by that remark I saw who he was. I absolutely didn’t want to work with that Kago, and I knew him well enough to know that this beautiful resume could never be beat.

But daddy of the school board was not there.And my boss doesn’t either. His letter and CV went with a nice sound by the shredder.

I don’t do references, never done.I don’t ask and I don’t put them on my RESUME. It’s an unlogical question for almost all the features I export.

Only for jobs where a high level of expertise and knowledge is needed I would say that references are important.But only to the extent that it describes the skill and knowledge of the employee. And the things that may affect the project, or type of work. (In a military profession my anti-authoritarian nature is a big minus. Unless it is a function where contact with manager is almost not possible and thus guarantees a large degree of indivual Freedom).

But since people are members of a retarded political species, it does not interest us how good people are in things, and how to create a system where the most suitable people end up in the most appropriate places.

We only give to how people make us feel.So even when someone is super suitable for a function, but socially weakly gifted. Then they will often get bad references, with lots of warnings about how irritating, or even dangerous, a person is. Even if this is not but true.

Take the example of Mr. De Ruijter, trivia junkie.He told a story, how bad did you go in it? We all have experience with a bully. Bet that even bullies have experiences with being bullied. So the story resonates with all of us and we are now massively hating the candidate of which he has so disrespectful the CV and the motivation letter has destroyed without talking to his boss. And remember that this man was at least 17 in 1991. Which means that if he did Havo, he graduated in 1991, if he never sat down. Whether he was left sitting or the mavo, or something like that.

No idea when that story took place about the CV destruction.But keep in mind that this bully made his life sour sometime between 1986 -1991.

The chance is small that the story for 2000 happened.I’m not going to search his entire RESUME for the best opportunity, but let’s say for convenience between 2000 -2010. That’s still thick 10 -20 years after his high school. More likely I would bless that it was after 2010. That makes the story even worse. That shows how very long a bad thought about someone can change the life of that person.

And how long can we hold people accountable for their actions?Especially if those actions took place in their childhood.


References are retarded.Better test your candidates for knowledge and skills during the job applications. And if you want all the best candidates, give them the information one month in advance. So that people are gifted with certain talents, but with inadequate training can prove that they can make themselves the substance and the work own. On that bike, a company can find out the best people for functions.

But unfortunately we are stupid animals and so we will prefer to choose the one that everyone’s boyfriend is, than people who are actually capable.

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