What is the worst job interview you have ever had?

I had a conversation with Simone and Erik (not their real names).Simone had a boys hairstyle and was dressed as if she was going to work in the garden right away. Erik probably wore the same sweater for three weeks and had a big pair of glasses with jampot glasses.

“Take a seat,”Simone kindly said and motioned to the inflatable bench for their desk.
I took a seat and the bench slowly ran empty.The ground came ever closer and closer.

“Do You Want to drink some?”, Simone asked.
“If we still have clean cups…”, Erik said laughing while he pointed to a row of dirty cups on the desk.Those seemed to be still from my predecessors.
Simone smoke in every cup to check if there was a clean between.

“No, thanks”, I replied slightly unapprobable.

“Well we don’t know very well what the function actually does contentT, because yes it’s all very new”, Simone started.
Erik looked at her with a dreamy look and began to smile.

“Yes, we just want to do something with schools, because of the new reading policy and you would have to work a lot with Erik.”
“I’m already doing something similar”, Beams Erik.
“And Erik is just very funny.”
Erik began to blush. “And Simone is strict, but very decisive.I really think so, hear Siem. “

They touched each other slightly.

I was sitting in a kind of squat.I tried to make a comment about the bank, but nobody noticed it. The conversation went above and beyond me. All of a sudden we were ready.

The next day my phone went.

“We decided to cease the applications.When we talked to everyone yesterday, I realised that I was actually looking for a second Erik. Erik said he still had time in his diary. And all of a sudden we both knew that the only one who can fulfill this role was our very own Erik. All the while we were looking for something that was already there, really bizarre. But also beautiful how such a thing can run. I would like to thank you very much for your application and wish you good luck. You were a good candidate. “

I have good and bad experiences but one protrudes with head and shoulders above.Here was not the company but the recruiter the culprit.

I had contact with a recruiter, and clearly indicated that I was looking for growth and career opportunities, preferably on longer time with the possibility of many trips and Expatriatie.The recruiter gave me an appointment for a conversation at a certain company and advised me to go there with an ‘ open mind ‘. Strange but good.

The director opened me stunned, she didn’t know at all that an appointment was made.The recruiter apparently forgot to communicate this to her. I then had a very nice conversation with this impressive lady that showed that the job was absolutely nothing for me: totally no growth or career opportunities, and the job itself was also actually too junior for me; I would be bored.

She knew it and I knew it, so we gave each other the hand and both had the recruiter politely but clearly let them know that this was not a match and that he had to try not to sell freezers to Eskimos.

I was interviewed by three people.One of them had decided in advance not to accept me. He was most often speaking and he attacked me.

It goes without saying that I didn’t got the you.

The other interviewers said not much.During the interview I was mainly focused on the dominate person. Only after the interview I started thinking about how they asked their questions.

That one aggressive person, I could have lived with.But those two questions taught me everything I needed to know about the corporate culture.

I was once on a job application where you had to write a program at a wise assessment.That had to be on a very small laptop, while I was at an age that I had not yet accepted that I actually needed reading glasses. The result was correspondingly.

I have taken a job interview together with my HR manager.When the candidate in the small desk came in with a huge fierce breathtaking sweat smell, we both fell backwards. We kept the conversation fairly short and immediately opened the window and the door to fresh air after his departure. He was obviously not accepted.

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