What is the warmest temperature you have ever experienced and where did you get this?

That was in July, in Death Valley IN the US. It was against the 50 degrees C.

My trip was on the way that we took a cheap car rental, and so we drove into the desert with our car rental between the huge pick up trucks.

(I’ve been through the desert in a car with no name)

Arriving in Death Valley, a tourist advised us to drive ‘ The Artist Drive ‘, a narrow mountain road with a landscape in all sorts of colours.

It felt like you were holding your head in front of a hot oven.

Dry. Very very hot.

My trip is the type of person who will be riding ‘ 30 -when there is ‘ 30 ‘.

And here stood a sign with ‘ 15 ‘.That proved to be not so useful in connection with the cooling of the car.

The car was struggling to drive up the mountain, we also had the air con to what was not convenient afterwards.

At the top arrived the engine was boiling.Luckily, she quickly turned the engine off and we heard only the warm desert wind and the bubbling of the water in the radiator.

Times did not go on the road.

The view was beautiful

We were then changed from driver.

I put the car in its free without turning on the motor and drove backwards off the mountain.

Once the air displacement was over, the radiator was cooled down sufficiently to start the car again and drive.

Never a dull moment..

In Sweden in the sauna.In Winter, the Swedish saunas are a lot warmer than our saunas. 105 degrees, and then the hole.

In the open air I had it most warmest in Luxor during a heatwave in July.It was definitely 45 degrees in the shade. The pool water was too hot to swim in. However, a load of ice rods from the ice factory was thrown in the morning.

In the sauna, above 90 degrees.It is a dry sauna.

Also only good to do at regular visits, otherwise better on the lower step.

That was in Kuweit, near Al Wafra.53 degrees Celsius. Very strange sensation if your skin is cooler than the outdoors, the clammy sweat breaks you off and in the sun you will learn quickly.

Summer in Dubai.As a child I lived together with my sister for 10 years in the Middle East, of which Declaatse 4cyear in Dubai.

The summer vacation was 3 months, 13 weeks to be. Precirs, June, July, and August.Those were also the hottest months of the year, but we were fan in Europe. But the weeks before and after, the holidays whatand temperatures of a degree or 50 not unusual.

I think 35 degrees Celsius with a long black jeans on.

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

For me this was I think in Pula, Croatia.It was there then 39, 5C. Too hot to do anything, and yet we were strolling through the town.

40 degrees Celsius.At my home, top 3 warmest temperature on Earth that day and the warmest day ever in the Netherlands.

That was last week.

Last summer (2018).It was at us locally around 42 掳C. And then you also have to spray the whole day and mow grass without shadow.

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