What is the usefulness of therapy for anxiety/depression and what is your experience with it? I am considering going to a psychologist for my faalansgt and depression.

I prefer conversations with a psychologist above taking medication (except if something does not marched well with the brain then medication SWS is needed) speaking with someone who is competent can help you develop a different picture of yourself, because with Over the years, everyone developed a certain image of themselves (correct or not right) your upbringing and relationships with others also have an influence on your self-image.Psychologists help you with your thoughts and actions. E.g. you get a THOUGHT inside, you start THINKING about it, you get there FEELINGS and therefore you go in a certain way to REACT. Now is the art to see in the thought that enters whether that thought will help you further or if that will affect you negatively, and if negative to stop there before you begin to think about it… Then of course there are no feelings and unnecessary reactions, which is a basis that has helped me well. In the beginning it will probably be tricky to open up to someone you don’t know and pick up everything that MSS is painful, but I can say for 100% that you will have a virtue of it, everyone can actually use someone who really listens and who You help analyze. I would say don’t wait long, don’t set it out and go for it, something that can help you move forward in life you must immediately grasp and go for it. Much success

My personal experience is that I was always looking for things I couldn’t fail.But due to failure, you will actually learn faster than others according to the booklet:P. And meanwhile, that’s a decent quality to learn things and stay human. And live with realistic expectations. And not what others say will help you better. I sometimes fail in my work with small details, but get the remark from the chef: he is forgotten but gives his best:P. Better so

Therapy can help you to dwell on why you are just so failful.Often this is because you don’t find yourself good enough and put the bar very high for yourself. Your self-esteem will depend on your achievements, while your love for yourself should be unconditional. You have a critical voice in your head that makes you insecure, for whom everything can be even better. Of course you are not happy with that. A psychologist can support you in the process of self-acceptance, the mild handling of yourself in difficult periods etc. Another tip I can give you: Try mindfulness once (Headspace is a good app for that), preferably on a daily basis, though that’s only 5 mins.

Know that besides therapy is also important that you face your fears in real life and do not let you paralyzed by it.Take small steps. By doing so, you can perpetuate the things you have learnt during therapy.

Already a lot of success!

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