What is the usefulness of a ‘ Straight Pride ‘?


It is the desperation of heterosexuals who find that we LHBT’ers push our sexuality into their faces, if we do as much as hand in hand.

It is a counter-movement, an anti-movement against progress, change and acceptance.Nothing more.

Very Sneu, if you are so fragile in your heterosexuality that you can not tolerate to know that others are not hetero.

Provocation and homophobia.

Maybe I think again to be black white and positive.On the so-called Gay pride come also heteros, so I thought initially, (without any background information) fun and as with the other everyone is welcome! In other words, just an extra party.

After reading some comments, I conclude that this is obviously not the end. I honestly have to say that I find this kind of subject difficult, because I just can’t help with my mind that there is a difference.
Primarily I see people everywhere.Colors and sexual preference, I just can’t worry about that. I don’t even have those thoughts (anymore).

Of course, this was in my software package that I was in my birth and I understand why that package was not far enough past in my mind, but today you don’t need that ‘ distinction detection ‘ at all.So I uninstalled the installation, in the area of people. It yielded me nothing, so get away with it!

Now I’m ‘ just ‘ a earthling.I come from this planet-that bind me with everything and everyone who comes from here too.

Yeah, that’s just trolling.

People annoy themselves to the gay pride and then they come up with something like that.


Heterosexuals dominate the social climate since the beginning of times, have never been persecuted, never ridiculed for their sexual orientation.To now organize a “straight pride” is just nonsense. Just such nonsense as saying that white people are being suppressed. And just like “Black Lives Matter” to trivialize and undermine with the cry “all Lives matter” This is only meant to undermine the LGBTQ community and to make it ridiculous again.

That is for people who are very uncertain about their own sexuality, and live in denial.

It is not useful.

The idea behind LHBTIQA +-prides is to be yourself.Too many people do not usually dare to do this or but very limited, and with good reason, because homophobia, tranphobia and intersex phobia are far from gone. Pride is meant to show: I am happy with how I am, I want to come out of it, and it must have ended with discrimination. In recent years, Prides 鈧?”and especially the Amsterdam Pride 鈧? have more and more the image of 脙 漏 脙 漏 n great extravagant feast, and honestly, the Canal Parade (the part with the boats) is that also quite a bit. But there are many more activities associated with most Prides, such as Pride Walks, a kind of demonstrations. The very first Pride was also a demonstration against police violence against various marginalised groups. Mainly trans persons and women of color. See also on Netflix the documentary The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson.

It is therefore always a matter of marginalised minorities.Hetero people have always been a dominant majority. There is no need for hetero-emancipation, because they are not marginalised. They have never been suppressed. A heterosexual person does not have to be afraid to be made out of their sexual orientation, shut down, bullied, beaten or worse.

People who want to seriously organise a straight pride, apparently feel skipped or so, and do not realise that they are already in a luxury position.

“,” Some people have respect for others regardless of their sexual preference.I actually have a little trouble with it when people are straight. (Straights are called ‘ straight ‘ in English). To protest against this and also to put a heart under the belt, they then display ‘ Straight Pride ‘. And then they think I’m going to respect them anyway. I hope I have understood correctly. You know, the huge disadvantage of ‘ straight ‘ is overcrowding. So these people are proud of that.

“,” There is no use.People who want a 鈧?虄Straight Pride do not realise that they are in a luxury position. There is no pride in being straight. There is nothing to celebrate. People of the LHBT + Community are proud to be themselves despite the fact that they are still being discriminated against. They deserved to be themselves for a limited time of the year, because most of that in everyday life cannot be said, verbally or not.

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