What is the ultimate goal of life?

Expressing your essence, talents and dreams

Essence: Light (Wisdom), Love, Truth,

His: Unity, unconditional love, forgiveness, general interest

I: Individual, self-interest, needy, selfishness, desire,

Pain, hurt, shame, anger, hatred, revenge, violence.

Unconscious, imbied, cleft, ignorant.

The deeds, feelings, thoughts, words come back to the owner, the perpetrator.

A human being is a consciousness with life energy, thinking, feelings, instinct and body.

The purpose and the meaning of life in the physicality is to develop and express awareness, self-knowledge, dreams and talents.

The creator/his is unity, unconditional love, forgiveness and general interest.

The purpose and meaning of life is to make the essence of the creator own and express itself.

Man feels separated from others, is imvery, unconscious, selfish, greedy.They seek pleasure, self-interest to the detriment of others. They lie, steal, and commit violence to fulfill their selfish desires and interests. People still have a long growth path in the prospect.

I wish everyone much wisdom, health, love, joy, abundance.


Self-knowledge is an important task, knowing his talents, strengths, weaknesses and shortcomings.

The goal is to become, by awakening, a better person, more peaceful, loving, oft-forgiving, generous, selfless, compassionate, fairer and integer.

Usually people have “negative” feelings such as envy, resentment, avarice, jealousy, anger, hatred, sadness, fears, a negative self-esteem, no self-esteem, no self-respect.

It is important to walk through a process of awareness, “therapy”.I think that, on the path of awareness, it is important to be honest with oneself and to admit feelings. By learning the negative feelings, to find out the cause of it, to be able to place the “trauma” in the right location and time. Searching in the past, in childhood where one has experienced a similar trauma. The feeling of the present must melt together with the feeling of then. By putting the “traumatic” scene in its place and time and reliving it again, reducing the power of the negative emotion and thus expressing the freed suppressed emotion, life energy/power and bringing it to the present.

In case of anger, hate is good to knock in a protected environment against a sofa or pillow to express the emotion, to let off steam and by the consciousness process to reduce the negative emotion.

It is good to complete every awareness session by forgiving the perpetrator and himself and asking for self-forgiveness for possible harm to the others.

The goal is to become a better man, more peaceful, loving, oft-forgiving, generous, unselfish.A human being is a consciousness in an information field and therefore it is important to strive to have positive thoughts and emotions.

If there are negative thoughts or emotions, it is important to carry out the awareness process, as described above, in order to return to a positive state.

Man must have more compassion and compassion so that he may place himself in the locality of the other, give room to know the point of view and the interests of the other so that the truth and righteousness can prevail and not the own interests of the mighty.

It is a great relief, liberation, touching joy to be able to acknowledge and admit the mistakes.By giving in, there comes knowledge and wisdom, compassion, compassion, forgiveness and peace. These positive traits are the valuable possession of man and the purpose of evolution.

The materialist medicine only gives attention to the body, despite that thoughts, feelings, a negative attitude of life, can cause diseases in the body.

Materialist medicine takes little account of the possible negative thoughts and feelings of hatred, resentment, guilt, impotence,…

Honesty towards yourself and others.

Self-knowledge, to admit your feelings, to know, to become conscious, to express, to purify.

Forgive yourself and the others.

Speak with and listen to Great Spirit/creator, as a friend and counselor asking what ye need.

Let the life energy flow from the feet to the head and vice versa

It is important to try to know the position and interests of others so that in a possible dispute the interests of both parties can be respected.

Mighty Masters Commit terror against the weak slaves.

The mighty abuse their supremacy at the service of self-interest, selfishness.

The authorizing tones are misbehaving, looking down at the faint they see as inferior.

The mighty still deny their cruel crimes against the weak.

The authorizing must still heal their blind spots.Once they have to face the naked truth, admit their crimes and acknowledge their genocides.

The way forward for the unconscious, imperfect man is to raise awareness of his feelings and innerness, ask forgiveness, give forgiveness and forgive himself.

The path is growing in self-knowledge, knowledge of great Spirit (Intelligent energy that bears the universe) and relaxing in joy.

The dance between me and his, a consciousness path whereby I can integrate and express each time more being.

The one/are in me.

The encounter and interaction between the vulnerable hours awakens the ‘ hurt child/Unconscious man ‘, brings cracks in the mask.

Gives the authentic self-opportunity to be freed from the dungeon.

In Our adult life, the other is a mirror, a teacher.The scholarly lesson brings more are in the I.

Life is a psychodrama school.The actual harvest of a life is truth, wisdom, honesty, capacity to unconditional love, to empathy, to see the other as someone with the same rights and interests as yourself. More light, a greater proportion of being able to integrate through awareness into the I, is also the valuable thing that man can take to the next less physical (spiritual) worlds.

Man is a consciousness with about 7 bodies.At death, man leaves the physical and energetic body behind and continues to live in another less physical world with the other bodies: the feelings, the thought, the ‘ unconditional love ‘, the ‘ will of the creator ‘, ‘ The miracle ‘. With each body there is a corresponding world of coarse material to fine material.

An angel is a creature without a physical body that has purified his emotional and mind body and lives in a less physical world.In each dimension the ‘ consciousness-being ‘ probably has a different name.

The coarse world is a classroom, a field of work where the nature of the lower three-part bodies in the fire of the experience is refined, so that the spiritual light and love can shine through.This awareness process continues through the cycle through the two next, less physical worlds, that of feelings and thought. This “consciousness-being” continues to reincarnate in the physical world again and again until the objective is reached, the purification of the feelings and the thought, so that it can come to full expression.

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