What is the the that you have ever drunk?

Accidentally bought something from a little shop that I hadn’t seen before: Coca Cola with coffee flavour. “Occasionally trying something new is fun anyway?” I heard myself still saying.

Yes, it really exists!

But I do not recommend it.


If in diluted blood of meat what had been in the freezer and was defrosted in a container.

Explanation: In my adolescence I often suffered from glitches as I mentioned them.Thoughts that seemed logical, a kind of dreamlike, in which you thought when Awakening HOW COULD i THINK!?

On a hot day I came home from school.On to the kitchen, because I had just cycled an end and had thirst. Once in the kitchen there came a bowl (THE defrost tray which my mother always used for meat) in sight. Oh! There is something rozigs in there. Thirst. That must be grenadine. (We didn’t even have it at home, I always drank that with my girlfriend). HMM slurp-GADVER It tastes like iron.

Everything about that situation was not logical.We had no grenadine. Even if we had it why would my mother put it in there. Neither side nor shore.
Still, my brain had something like 1 + 1 = hoppakee?

Luckily, I have almost no charge.It only happens when I’m over-excites, now it’s only more in not being able to find words (which I had much worse then) or the wrong shouts like when leaving my work in the bike shed to my colleague hard HELLO call , while I mean DAY. That’s still to overlook.


From an almost empty water bottle.You notice it right away, so you swallow nothing. Immediately washed with water, but still my mouth burned considerably.

Some alcohol drink made from artichokes.I was sick of it.

In the third grade of my high school I had a bunch of friends who sometimes did stupid things.When they rejoined in the break, they had 2 whole parcels with extra strong fisherman’s Friend dissolved in a bottle of sports drink. A couple of those friends had taken a sip and immediately had to gagging, so nasty it was.

Then I came in.I saw them laughing and talking about to whom they give the bottle of forests. I didn’t know what they were about, so I walked on them and asked what one of my friends had in his hand. He replied with: “I’ll give you five euros if you drink this at once.” Everyone starts laughing, me too. I had done this kind of thing before, and so far I always had my money neatly deserved, but this time my friends were pretty sure they had me bite.

I picked up the bottle and smoke it.I immediately smoke that it was not good. The scent is so far the strongest, most disgusted, scent I have ever smated. The rest of my friends saw me look dirty. A few people also promised to give me money to drink it. It was now no longer about winning, but to get me to grips with it.

“Deal.” I said, some looked a little surprised, but most had to laugh.I sighed and put the vial on my lips. I threw my head backwards and started drinking. The tears immediately turned to the pain that the mint did. When I was half started cheering and screaming people, making me drink even quicker. I had the vials on, I bent over, and had to stop with all my strength the urge to surrender. I was completely red and waited a few seconds with my head between my knees, after which I got up again. “Give me your money now.” I said.

That was the last time they had such a thing with me, I had won.

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