SYNONYMS. passionate, eager, passionate, fervent, eager, eager, wholeheartedly, eager, vehement, intense, fierce, fiery, flaming, emotional, hot-blooded. seriously, sincerely. enthusiastic, eager, committed, dedicated, hardworking.

Of that, what is the synonym of representative?

Synonyms for representative. emblematic. (also emblematic), representative, symbolic.

What else does ardant mean?

to have, to express, or to be characterized by intense feelings; passionate; fervently: a glowing vow; glowing love. intensely devoted, eager or enthusiastic; eager: a passionate theatergoer.

What is the synonym for eager in this context?

SYNONYMS. diligently, meticulously, meticulously, thoroughly, diligently, attentively, diligently, laboriously, diligently, conscientiously, extremely carefully, meticulously, laboriously, demanding, demanding, persistently, tirelessly, searchingly, closely, extensively, exactly, exactly, correctly, diligently, strict, special. religious, strict.

What is the synonym for zealous?

Choose the right synonym for zealous

eager, zealous, eager, anxious, thirsty a strong and urgent desire or interest. zealous implies eagerness and enthusiasm, and sometimes impatience with delay or restraint.

What is a representative person?

A representative is a person chosen to act on behalf of another or making decisions person or group of people. A representative group consists of a small number of people chosen to make decisions on behalf of a larger group.

Which word means hard work?

1’loyal and hard – SYNONYMS of working employees. diligent, diligent, conscientious, diligent, diligent, diligent, persevering, tireless, tireless, tireless, tireless, diligent. energetic, eager, enthusiastic, driven, eager, busy, shoulder to the wheel, nose to the whetstone.

What is the synonym for tireless?

tireless(a .) Synonyms: indefatigable, indefatigable, indefatigable, persevering, persevering, industrious, industrious, indefatigable, indefatigable.

What do you call someone who represents a company?

Ambassador. Noun. someone assumed to represent an activity, organization, company, etc.

What is an antonym for representative?

Antonyms: non-representative, atypical, atypical, non-symbolic, undemocratic. representative(adj)

What is the next antonym for the word glowing?

Antonyms for glowing

  • apathetic.
  • calm.
  • cool.
  • dispassionate.
  • boring.
  • indifferent.
  • not enthusiastic.
  • calm.

What is the antonym of asylum?

Antonyms for asylum ?ˈsa? l?m

  • refuge, sanctuary, sanctuary (noun) a shelter from danger or distress. Synonyms:
  • mental institution, psychiatric clinic, psychiatric institution, asylum, mental hospital, insane asylum, asylum (noun) a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced persons. Synonyms:

What does illustrative mean?

Something illustrative means that it is an illuminating example of something else. In this word you see illustrate, which means to make something clear with the help of pictures or examples. Something is illustrative when it paints a perfect picture of a subject.

What does it mean to be arrogant?

Definition of arrogant. 1 : exaggerate or be inclined to exaggerate one’s worth or importance often by an overbearing manner an arrogant official. 2 : shows an offensive attitude of superiority : an arrogant response based on or characterized by arrogance.

What is an antonym for situation?

Situation. Antonyms: non-situation, non-place, absence, non-assignment, independence, repression, displacement. Synonyms: location, position, topography, state, seat, post, place, condition, domicile, aspect, status, office, birth, plight, predicament, prestige.

What do you call a group of representatives?

Congress. the group of people in the US who are elected to make laws. It consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Is ardency a word?

Adjective. having, expressing, or being characterized by intense feelings; passionate; fervently: a glowing vow; glowing love. a passionate student of French history.

How do you use ardent in a sentence?

ardent example sentences

  1. Alex has always been a passionate lover.
  2. She clung to his muscular shoulders and returned his passionate embrace.
  3. But not a word came out of her mouth as she lay there, mesmerized by his passionate expression.
  4. His kiss loved it and she returned it with the same passion.

What does prototypical mean?

Noun. the original or model on which something is based or formed. someone or something that serves to illustrate the typical properties of a class; Model; exemplar: She is the prototype of a student activist.

What part of speech is conscientious?


Part of speech: Adjective
Definition 2: persistent and tireless; hard-working. These diligent scholars have produced a vast body of work. Synonyms: diligent, stubborn, diligent, tireless Antonyms: inconstant, sluggish, lazy Similar words: laborious
related words: hard, diligent, patient, persistent, determined

How do you use the word persistent in a sentence?

Example sentences

  1. Burke, on the other hand, was industrious and orderly and had none of the vices of abundance.
  2. He was zealous in his care for Queen Hortense until the Hundred Days brought him back to active service.

What part of speech is chary?

Notes: Chary is a true English adjective with English comparative forms: charier and chariest. The adverb for this word is charily and the noun chariness. Nothing surprising here. No, despite the identical pronunciation, this word is not related to cherry, an English word borrowed from French.