What is the stupidest thing you have ever done for love?

Long since it was clear that something really was going on.

I was together with a man who, at the end of our relationship, turned out to have autism.Was a surprise anyway, even though we have a son with autism, and we think that my ex ‘ father also has autism. But it had skipped my husband. Yeah right.

Not so.

Only, it works incredibly well.He works at a high level, worked independently for a while and did not panic that it was sometimes uncertain, he had friends he kept seeing for years, he could talk, he can just look at you, there is so little what it designated. So we had always rejected it. Neeee, he had no autism.

Until we went into relationship therapy.Or actually, he finally went under my pressure in therapy, and by the way he talked about me, that therapist thought that it was all to me. Nothing wrong with my husband. It was ikke.

That lasted for two months, before he finally pricked it.Before he got through, wait a while, as SHE tells it sounds very different. Whereupon he came with the conclusion that my husband has a form of Asperger. Whereupon my husband said “Ahh okay, then I can do nothing about it, and so I will not do anything about it.”

But well, I hadn’t insisted on therapy for nothing.It was very clear to me that something had to change or I could not sustain the relationship. Afterwards it was fast over. Half a year later we were divorced.

But then we were together for TWENTY years.

Ok, in the first 10 years I myself have been very walking muddings with my own mental health, or better, the lack of it haha.But then I have remained for ten years. Because yes, I loved it. Father of my children, and such kind of things.

Yes, that time I could have been happier.That’s what I caught up with, but just as well… ten years.

My wife still studied at the university in Limoges, France, where I was looking for her not long after we got to know each other.

She did have college that week.

Pity, but luckily the lectures were freely accessible.So I could also join.

I was in love, considered myself a very clever guy and I found a lecture Marketing a great opportunity to show that to my wife, and 200 others, too.

We sat that college pretty much in the back, but I immediately let the speakers in French hear from me when I heard the teacher proclaiming something I could not post directly.

It became a ‘ truth lies in the middle ‘ story, but I made me really ridiculous on the spot.

The teacher was happy after the college walk on me to tell me he found it courageous what I did.My wife, however, found me a peculiar sufferd.

And it took me another year to prove to my wife that I was not as stupid as when I showed up at that time in Limoges.


My ex husband did not believe when he told me that his childhood friend is not to be trusted, has no morality, and goes to bed with everything that moves, is unstable, and left my ex husband (our relationship has not been good for years, and we slept also in other rooms) , to enter into a relationship with this 鈧?虄friend of high School.

My ex husband had lied about other great things, which made him lose his credibility to me.This friend had watched me 10 years in love. His eyes honesty and love reflective. Making it hard to believe was that everything was playing for him. Because he has always been jealous of my ex husband, I was desirable to him.

When he heard that my ex husband told me who he was, he struck.Overwhelms with revenge lust because his 鈧?虄friend exposed him to me. What my ex husband told about him was also more implausible for me because he only came here at the last minute, not before. Not in all the years that he came to us on the floor. With me, the question came up, if he is really so terrible, why have you held him for so long as a friend? I found that all wrong. My ex husband is totally not like my ex.

I have my daughter exposed to this farce.With all the detrimental consequences that it entails. For her and me. Finally, I found out that this man is not only unstable, but mentally very ill. Covert narcissist call them what he is. Someone who is normal and very honest and nice about it, but everything except that is. You will not be confronted with it until you find out what they are all doing behind your back. Only then will you discover what kind of mentally ill someone he has to deal with. And all that was a game for him. That there was never any love for him.

I have terrible luck that I found out before we got married.Otherwise, my money had become his money. Under false pretenses, he had put my money in the house to his name.

Love is a big gamble.I have risked everything, and lost.

I will have to fight for my money.

Yet I will stand up again and feel like before.If this is all behind the back I am free, and it will be like it never happened.

Love is only real and has value only if it is felt by both.

I cannot give a sensible answer to your question, because these stupidities often once again formed the basis for beautiful and valuable developments.The unpleasant and the pleasant is inseparably connected.

An evening of Drugsen with the brother of a girl I liked.Veelste uses many different types of drugs that I normally don’t use. I loved things where you got high of XTC MDMA Coke Blowen. Crap like GHB ketamine LSD nitrous oxide not my drugs. And not all of them too long. Take that the wicked amount of everything and I just wanted to disappear in the end.

Swum in a pool.The water was still much too cold. A cramp in my legs that I got.

There was a time when I thought you could catch love.

That was the stupidest thing I’ve done for love.

Borrow money.Never recovered.

You can’t do stupid things for love, because if you experience it as stupid, then you haven’t really loved it either.Love is like an ocean. Silent, dazzling blue and very big, with some waves for the propellant. Sometimes in places so very deep that it is not sufficient to be able to achieve the soil and that it suffi because of oxygen deficiency. Sometimes so fierce with waves of meters high, destructible and devouring all that it enters at that time. But sometimes so very beautiful under the water surface by swimming and with the right equipment but always taking into account risks of any sacrifice of your life by external influences and present danger hidden in all its quiet and surrounded Blue and large-scale beauty.

Is it stupid to go swimming?No.

Is it stupid to swim in deep and unfamiliar places where oxygen is no longer present for long periods of time?No, but naive though.

Is it stupid to dive and want to discover beautiful things?No, it does only carry risks.

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