What is the strangest request you have ever received?

My ex went strangely for a year with one of the co-workers who worked for him.After we were divorced, they were married. A few months later, he was in a fighting divorce with her and called me for advice on how best to deal with it and whether I had a good lawyer for him within my network. And he asked if I wanted to discuss absolutely nothing with “de Trut”.

I once found a video camera on a tram station.I reported it to the police (but kept it with me) and then spent hours researching (there was a name card) to find the owner.
When I was finally called up by the owner’s daughter (the police had given my number to her) she didn’t even thanked but found it weird that I had so much trouble (“What card then?”, “That name tells me nothing”) and “she demanded” that she put it on O F could pick up my work (which can’t because I had a strict employer) or that I would bring it to the police station.Going to my house to pick it up, she didn’t feel like it. When I told her that I found her ungrateful, she responded that she didn’t have to thank because it was not her camera but that of her mother. No, they did not ask, but demanded that I came to bring him to her moment.

The strangest request I have ever received is the request to report what is the strangest request I have ever received.

A vague ex-colleague called if I wanted to pay for her abortion because her friend did not know that he was the father.

First the facts: We were only colleagues and at no time also only a little romantic involved.So I was certainly not the father.

Several months had passed since the last time they had worked with us in the restaurant.Like many people at the time, she had seen it again after a few weeks and disappeared without trace.

Maybe first a side step for context.

This concerns another culture in another time (Singapore, 2004).For the local population it was normal to suddenly swap jobs without informing the employer. On average, Singaporeans worked for four employers a year.

I remember I was at work when she called me.

She asked how it went with me and we chated for a moment.

As a trained customs officer, she suddenly threw in a bizarre question.

“Do you want to pay for the abortion?”

After the initial shock I asked her if I was the father.

“No, of course not,” she said, “We never had sex.”

Exactly.So why would I want to pay for your abortion? “

She told me that she already had two children of the same man who had her now pregnated.They were financially troublesome and could not bear the burden of another child. In addition, she had already interrupted a pregnancy a year earlier, because her parents had paid for it.

I wanted to know why her parents couldn’t pay for it again and she said she was embarrassed.As a Muslim, she went against her faith and did not dare to tell her parents.

In addition, her friend, also known as the father of her two children, insisted that it could not be his child.

So she only stood up and thought I could help.

On my invitation she came along in the restaurant the day after.I was shocked by the size of her belly. She hadn’t told me about the phone that she was already 20 weeks pregnant. Time insisted.

I have told her that the support of her friends and family during and after the abortion might be of equal importance as the money she needed.

I have also been obliged not to pay for it.I barely knew her and felt used as a money cow. The pity that I felt for her did not translate into an emotional bond. Moreover, it was more than a few tientjes.

A few days later she called me back.

After our meeting in the restaurant she still has to dare to tell her parents.Those were very supportive, emotional and financial. Exactly what I had hoped for.

“But,” they said, “This is the last time.”

Then I never heard of her again.I therefore hope that it was indeed the last time.

Her name was Sunny.And I wish her the best.

That was about 14 years ago, on Mount Athos (Greece): I was so tired that because of the long wandele under the sun of Karyes (the capital of that mountain) to a monastery I immediately sleep in.

While I was deep asleep, I “Hoord” a sweet voice, who said so: “You will have problems in the future, but we will be here for you.”

In the next morning, I had briefly described to the “Boss” (Iguman) my “dream” and he had simply replied that not to all the people let the souls of the “Seven Monks” seer…

Yes, it’s true: such “visit” looks weird, but certainly not for me.

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