What is the simplest way to explain affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of internet marketing where advertisers reward their partners (affiliates) for the generated sales or leads (such as memberships subscriptions) that the affiliate has delivered.

You sell a product or service for someone else and in an actual sale you get a commission.Greetings Frank Zonnenberg

What is affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, a publisher promotes products and services from an advertiser/webshop in which he only gets paid for results.This could be a sale, creating an account or leaving a mail address.

If someone clicks through a unique affiliate link to The Advertiser’s website and buys something from there, the Publisher will receive a fee to refer the customer.This is also called a commission.

Often there is an affiliate network between them, a party that brings together many advertisers and publishers, keep track of clicks and conversions and disburses the publishers.

Briefly through the bend:
Affiliate Marketing is promoting other people’s products and/or services on the Internet.

Such as:
There are several affiliate Programs s where you can sign up.With these platforms you get a unique link associated with the product or service. This hyperlink can be put in a blog or on your website or in a post on Facebook, there are countless possibilities. Now when someone clicks on this link and goes to the product or service and buys it, the person from whom the link is Commission is given. It can sometimes take up to half, sometimes even more of the selling price.

Affiliate Marketing is a part of online marketing and in the US a big business, considerably larger than in Europe let alone in the Netherlands.

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing concept where a company’s products can be promoted in exchange for a commission (see a video below)

For illustration: A sports shop sells running shoes.If they use affiliate marketing, they are part of the turnover if someone (the affiliate or partner) has forwarded an interested person to the product page of the An and buys the running shoes.

This form of marketing is always creates a win-win- win situation.

  • The company is satisfied, because a product has been sold.
  • The Affiliate is satisfied, because he or she has earned a commission.
  • The customer is satisfied, because he or she has bought a new product that he was looking for.

Want to know more about affiliate marketing, how it works and how you can earn money with it?This video explains everything!

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