Sting, written by Jude Watson, is a mystery/adventure book primarily set in Brooklyn, New York. The main characters in this book are March, Jules, Darius, Izzy, Hamish, the FBI and the top cats which Blue is one of.

Considering what genre is Jude Watson‘s Sting?

Paranormal fiction

Do you know how many pages Jude Watson has? By Jude Watson

Genre Fiction
ISBN 13 9780545468039
Format Paperback
Pages 272

Also to know how many pages the lettering has?

Their goal was a stunning set of diamonds, and that’s what they should have a simple job, in and out. Except that another thief got there first. March and Jules were lucky enough to escape with their lives and a puny rock. By Jude Watson.

Genre Fiction
ISBN 13 9780545863476
Format Paperback
Pages 272

Who are the main characters in the book Loot?

This is Alfie McQuinn, the infamous cat burglar, and he is dying. With sirens wailing in the distance, Alfie manages to say two last words to his young son March: “Find jewels.” But March learns that his father isn’t talking about a stash of loot. Stored in:

Main Author: Watson, Jew.
Output: First edition.

What is the sequel to Loot?

Sting (Loot #2) by Jude Watson .

Who is the author of Sting?

Sandra Brown

When was Loot released?

24. June 2014

What is the setting of Book Loot?

The setting begins in Amsterdam at a jewel heist and quickly moves to the suburbs of New York to abandoned subway lines in the Big Apple themselves. Throughout the story, the characters travel across the United States to steal jewels.

What is the theme of the book loot?

The theme of the story is survival. The theme revolves around survival as March and Jules had to find all 7 moonstones before Shannon and Oscar do. If March and Jules don’t find all the moonstones just before their birthday, they will eventually die from a curse they have.

Who took loot? How do you steal a fortune?

Judy Blundell

How do you steal a plot?

Rest assured, you can steal someone else’s plot and easily turn it into transform something completely unrecognizable – even for the author of the original story. How to Steal Fiction

  1. Try a classic.
  2. Change the environment.
  3. Combine two or more plots.
  4. Choose you another narrator.
  5. Catch a conflict.
  6. Expand a plot.
  7. Take an outsider’s perspective.

How many books are in the Loot series?

2 books

Is Loot a mystery book?

Loot is a fast-paced race of thieves who try to outsmart each other for a high stakes reward. While the book is sure to delight crime and adventure readers, it will also satisfy readers who enjoy stories about family. Family is a key theme in Jude Watson‘s adventure novel about twins March and Jules McQuinn.