What is the Roman and/or Greek influence on the Netherlands?

Our culture is a chain of mutually influencing cultures.

The Roman culture originates from the Greek culture.The whole Mediterranean region was dominated by Greek culture at the time of the emergence of the city of Rome. Later, at the time of the Roman Republic, it became a firm part of his education for every young man from the better circles to follow a part of his education in Greece.

Then came Christianity.Almost immediately after the genesis, it ended with the Jewish roots and soon came to Rome where it developed into state religion over a few centuries. Christianity has virtually no Jewish elements, but is mostly steeped in Roman influences. The whole outward presentation of the Roman Catholic Church, and also the rituals, are to be traced back to the use and culture of the Imperial Empire. Think of the colored images, the use of the Color Purple, the Latin and even the title of the Pope-Pontifex Maximus, chief priest, the title that Caesar and after him all the emperors bore.

When the Roman emperors in the Western Roman Empire had long had nothing to tell, the popes pulled that power towards themselves.It was the pope who carried out the negotiations with Atilla de Hun, and brought him to withdraw deeper Italy.

Christianity spread to our parts, and apart from some ancient uses, the Roman Christian culture became the most important cultural influence.

In Western Europe, In the mid-seventeenth century, the Enlightenment arose, a flow that would further form our culture to what it is today. The Enlightenment relies on the insights of thinkers such as Spinoza and Descartes, but also on scientific discoveries that exposed many of the medieval and Christian misconceptions, and not in the last place because of the increasing emancipation of the Citizenry.In The latter development, the Republic went first and hence Descartes and Spinoza could come to their lighting ideas.

The Enlightenment has ensured the true essence of modern Western culture: freedom, civil rights, legal certainty, science and later modern state design as designed in French and American revolutions, and modern constitutions such as those of Thorbecke.

During the Enlightenment, ideas, insights and views of classical antiquity were used, which had been brought to the attention of several centuries earlier.So also along that road the Roman/Griekseculture has influenced.

A final, essential, influence was the concept of the Republic.Although unintentionally-there was first a few moments to find a king who could replace the Habsburg monarch-the Netherlands originated as a republic, and although the Oranjes have been able to work on the throne for centuries later, the principles that are to the Republic Basis-the state is a public case, the Res Publica, in opposition to the case of a monarch-still the ordinating principles of our society.

A misunderstanding must still be out of the way: Populists often talk about the Judaeo-Christian tradition.The Jewish tradition is falsely dragged on. The Jewish culture has not contributed more than the Arab, the Germanic or the Gallic culture.

Language and society as a whole, we have taken over the Roman law system

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