What is the real cause of autism?

Nobody knows that.It is not known what the cause of autism is, whether there is one cause and whether a ‘ real cause ‘ exists. Some research groups focus on genetic factors[1 , other on environmental factors (including certain specific causes *), some combination of genetic factors and environment in which a person grew up ( Autism is hereditary/congenital from the family/parents, but a certain personality that fits well with the profile of the diagnosis one can develop and ‘ trigger ‘ sensory sensitivities known as diagnosable ‘ ‘ Autistic behavior ‘ ‘ as Self-stimulation and behavior that follows from difficulty in filtering (social) information). [2[3[4[5 ] We are still searching for a ‘ definitive cause ‘.Many correlations have been found, such as the occurrence of certain genes or genetic mutations (relative to the parents), all of which are based on scans (mostly fMRI) of already diagnosed autists. [6 All these things cannot be used as a diagnostic method for the time being.No method has been able to reliably distinguish between autistics and non-autistics based on brain areas or physical characteristics, although a number of them have been found where functional differences can occur such as the anterior part of The brain (also considered part of the great Brain), Amgydala, the large and small brains[7[8 , compounds between the neurons-but apparently for each autist in its own way different[9 and also the shape of the Face or more specifically the forehead and the middle of the face[10[11 , but these are not easy to interpret.

* Most of these are disproved, such as vaccinations and metal poisoning, but new causes of this type are still being sought, so there is often a link between certain drug use during the pregnancy of the mother and the autism of the Child or circumstances are investigated at the birth of an autistic child: Last on the English-speaking Quora, someone claimed that a ‘ mistake ‘ caesarean section could correlate with autism.There is often a search for correlations that cannot be scientifically substantiated and certainly do not say anything about a cause-effect relationship.


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Life!Be born. Autists are in the same way as neurotypical people. Nothing you can do about it. At the very least do not make a child with someone with the neurology of your “disapproval”, then you have a slightly reduced kansje, but this seems to me somewhat undesirable:p

Autists have been there from the beginning of the times so well.Seems to me a good reason to be able to reject 99% of the theories. But good! Trying to recover what is not broken is a thingies what one engages. (Sour plum Fashion)

There are a number of risk factors that have reasonably good evidens.It is mainly about medicines that the mother takes during pregnancy. For example, Softenon (Thaledomide).

But these known risk factors can probably only cause a small number of cases.The short answer is therefore that we do not know.


Environmental Risk factors for autism

Autism cause are still unknown.However, the statistical data of many years show that there is a positive correlation between older parents and children with autism. The parent’s mother or the parent’s father the greater the chance of autism in their children. Below are the results. There are also doctoral studies done here in California by UC Davies School of Medicine. It is found in the Medical Journal: Autism research.

What is the cause or causes is not clearly proven but I think it must be the DNA sequence by older people.According to theory, the possibilities are that mistakes in the DNA sequence by elderly people are greatly reduced compared to younger people. The tail of the DNA sequence by elderly people is very short and errors in the sequence have fewer chances to use corection material from the “tail”. -This is an area still to be followed to prevent old age. This is also one of the reasons why clone by animals has not been successful until now. This is also a V/d reason why Stemcell research is stagnated. It is the fact that the newly cloged creature has a short life span as the original. This is contrary to the findings in the plant world where cloning standard procedure is mainly in the CMO world.

Autism Risk Rises With Mother’s Age

Mother’s age ‘ affects autism risk ‘

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