What is the purpose of regret in life?

Regret indicates that you have passed a personal limit.Everything in your protest against it. It is especially a learning moment. The message is that you have to tackle it differently in the future.

I am very sorry, but regret as a means of not making the same mistake again does not work (always).

This is the reason.

“Dans la vie on ne regrette que ce qu’on n’a pas fait” is a quote from Jean Cocteau.Freely translated: You only regret the things you have not done in life. Errors are heard.

“An Englishman is someone who says sorry (I’m sorry) when you have stepped on his toes.” Quote from Roger Simons, Flemish former correspondent in London.In other words: regret is not always sincere.

“Nun, rien de rien.Nun, je ne regrette rien. Ni le bien, ni le mal, tout ça m’est bien égal. ” Edith PIAF. Wonderful song about no regrets, not about the good, not about evil, not about lost loves, but start again at zero.


With ‘ I only ‘ and ‘ was I but ‘ you don’t get any further.Just on to the next challenge!

Is someone favorable about a windfall of yours?Pity for him/her. To regret who benijdt it.

Regret is an emotional reason to learn lessons from past events.

When you experience regret, you have seen your mistake and the way to forgiveness is open.Regret, understanding mistakes and learning it not only makes you a better person for the community but also for yourself. You’ve got to know yourself a little better and contributed to your own development, because you’re never taught.

Regret is an effect as a result of learning!You did something that you regret, so your rules are apparently changing, you would do it now differently. The fact that you learned something seems to me to be a big advantage: instead of tumbling in the same trap again, you now know that you can better walk around.

Regret cannot be a life purpose, it is at most a means, a tool of your brain and your soul with which you gain realism; You’re not perfect and might have been a huge horkheim at times in your life.You have burned your ships. Then you can now go through and try – if it is your given – to do something different than before.

Everyone does have to regret things and good that we have that too.That only shows that we are just human beings with emotions. Regretting certain things, please keep us alert with the steps we would like to put in place.

You are going to think then, “If I do this and I am going to regret it?”, but you also regret in the sense that you have never pursued your dreams and why you did not do what you always wanted to do.This is also another kind of regret.

Regretting something does not mean that it is negative, only your mind is going to think negatively and then it suddenly becomes something that will have a bad impact on you.

So regret is actually the goal, to keep you alert and to make you remember that you did not have to do certain things or should have done it, but you never did it.

Regret always comes in retrospect, so it cannot really have a purpose.:)

Grts, Stign

I see it as a reminder to make sure that you make decisions in the future where you can find your 100%.

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