What is the purpose of online trolls?

Good question, I’m also curious as to the purpose of online trolls…

Maybe it’s humiliating others so they feel better about themselves?

Perhaps it is simply to provoke a response, a questionable affirmation that they can apparently have an influence on someone else’s life.

Maybe it’s just an expression of frustration and general anger, just to be able to put it away from you.

You have trolls and you have trolls.

Trolls is originally a way to disrupt things and derive from the original purpose.

Nowadays it also includes simply annoying Donerij that does not go anywhere and is committed by people who try to give their lives or are looking for attention and do not have any other means at their disposal.

Indeed very good question!

At the moment I also suffer from what you can call a trolly he sits on the PlayStation Network, although what makes the car correct of it actually applies more

And I think you have two types I think you have group trolley.Where it can indeed go for political purposes to put someone or not bad or well away in the public face

And I think the other kind of just yeah yeah of that loser are on. The have to derive their self worth from bringing others down especially people who see them as a threat I have told you of PSN I have quite a lot of trophies on that excites at some Mense n Jealousy and I think this person on1 I know almost certainly there is a lot of problems with it also because we play the same games and I am always something faster or just something, yes how should you say it and that can not have this person as well and since that W Have met each other on a forum and it had a same problem with the game set he remains he well trolls does not stop on and really try to get you small to let you be less than he is so it is clearly a psychological abnormality

A troll is on the internet someone who is mildly or harshly bullying you for no reason.

Write your BVB a comment on Facebook and someone calls you in the wild Way BVB: “whore”…

Then you have to deal with an internettroll.

* Using that Word to you was no more than to give a VB.

In such a situation I also appoint a person to this name (troll) and I block him.

Trolls, contrary to what many people think, is not about placing shocking reactions, but it is about creating a so-called ‘ ripple effect ‘.Trolls let a discussion grow so hard that they can do multiple things with it.

First about the ripple effect

Do you remember the moment when the twin towers collapsed?

Or when the planes are in the buildings? Remember how you felt? Probably you felt anger, sadness, ignorance and many other violent emotions.

Trolls immediately jumped on these types of messages by suggesting that the US government had done so and that Muslims were all bad.They are always of the extremes, not nuanced, purely to leave a statement as their opinion. An ‘ opinion ‘ that others disagree with, which others find terrible, where they have to go against. That way, the range is getting bigger and bigger, until the discussion derails into something that has nothing to do with the original subject.

Than the reasons

Often this is also 1 of the main reasons of trolls: derivation.

Another reason is that they want to put someone in a bad light.When I start a discussion by saying that the Dutch flag has to be abolished, people can go against it. Trolls will not go into discussion with you, but they will call you a country traitor, a culture barbarian or whatever negative. So the discussion is no longer about the abolition of the Dutch flag, but about whether I am a country traitor or not.

I could think of just a few different reasons.

  • Attention.

People often ask for a lack of positive attention, negative attention. This is also a factor in pest behaviour.

  • Disruption.
  • You are trying to disregulate a discussion. Partly just to avoid a fruitful result from the discussion, partly to put the discussion to your hand.

  • Actively disrupting social media structures with targeted actions.
  • Here you see political motives. Similar to the previous point.

  • Spreading disinformation and preventing unwelcome information from being found its way to the user.
  • Goal is a big word.Trolls are ‘ fun ‘ because it allows you to behave, reasonably anonymously, as an unmannered KL * * TZ * k.

    Furthermore, it has no specific purpose, it is terribly annoying, although it can be difficult to do.

    Provoke violent reactions.

    Needless to help the world in discussions.

    People needlessly run breeding, because a troll’s life is a little lifeless and that can also come up with nothing useful to do in a small way.

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