The posterior palatal seal. The posterior palatal seal is defined as “the soft tissue along the junction of the hard and soft palate to which pressure, within the physiological limits of the tissue, can be applied by a prosthesis to aid in the retention of the prosthesis“.

Also, what is the vibrating line?

n. The imaginary line above the posterior palate that marks the separation between the movable and immovable tissues.

Besides, above, where is the fovea palatinae?

Fovea can be used as a reliable guide for determining the posterior limit of the maxillary prosthesis. The posterior border can be located with great accuracy when it is possible to see two small pits (fovea palatinae), one on each side of the midline on the anterior part of the soft palate.

Also know, what is the palatal throat shape?

Based on the angular relationship, the soft palate is classified as type I, II or III depending on the angle that the soft palate forms with the hard palate, i.e. H. Type I > 10, type II = 10-45 and type III > 45 degrees. This angular relationship is referred to as the palatal neck shape [12-14].

What is the post-perineal plane?

pos teri ri or palatal seal is a. the soft tissues along the junction of the hard and soft palate to which pressure within the physiological limits of the tissue can be applied by a prosthesis to aid in the retention of the prosthesis. Synonym(s): post dam area, postpalatal seal area.

What is the Fovea Palatinae?

Fovea Palatinae. two small indentations in the posterior part of the palate, one on each side of the midline, at or near the attachment of the soft palate to the hard palate.

What is a peripheral seal?

Margin sealing. the contact of the prosthesis margin with the underlying or adjacent tissue to prevent the passage of air or other substances. Synonym(s): Peripheral seal.

How to use the T-Bluener?

? The “T” polisher is used to locate the hamula notch by palpating behind the maxillary tuberosity on both sides. The full extent of the hamula notch is marked with a permanent pencil. 14. The line marked in the hamula notch is connected to the posterior vibration line with a permanent marker.

What is post-dam prosthesis?

Definition. A ridge on the tissue side along the posterior edge of the upper prosthesis used to create an airtight seal with the soft palate to hold the prosthesis in place.

How to measure the lateral Neck shape?

Method for measuring lateral pharynx shape. The instrument was then inserted into the patient’s mouth such that the plug of the instrument rested on the middle third of the retromolar pad . Then the flexible wire was pushed from the outside until it touched the floor of the mouth [Figure 5].