What is the one thing that fascinates you most? Why?

The most interesting thing about life is the fact that it is both finite and infinite. Life is an incomplete tautology; One thing that defines itself inconsistent.In Reality, we only know life through death. When life ceases to be, we recognize it in the absence.Although we are part of life, we take it for granted; It’s all we’ve ever known.

When we consider what we know, life shows itself as a continuation of improbability.It is the invisible engine that powers the dice of determinism to throw sequentially sesses. Of course, such a special event as the evolution of a protein from amino acids is eminently plausible, given an accidental impact of lightning in a primordial soup of possibilities, but what really strikes is that such an aggregated associativity ‘ Created ‘ by Chaos continues, while it is an obvious fact that the universe will stop.Life with accompanying examples of this are never infinite, so why is it still there? The influence of the ‘ fate ‘ that make the composition possible are the same fluctuations that make the composition impossible. Life is indeed coming forward but is then extinguished.Why does it go on when it always stops?

Life gives life.Non-life begs non-life. What’s the difference? Non-life can be measured, quantified, calculated. What are the units of life? Joules? Sieverts? Basic pairs? Mitoses? What formulations explain life? The pixels of the image are changed into potency and particles. When we dissect life to learn why it lives, we destroy it and death is determined by determination. Every biologist knows this. Volts show no vitality, but only the convulsions of a former frog. Frankenstein is a fairytale that forces us to confront the truth.

Abiogenesis is a contradiction of notions that is made possible by misunderstanding of communication.The production of bio in empirical notions from abiotic precursors has only been observed as a result of the operation of biological systems in those conditions.In The most obvious sense, living creatures constructed the test programs that calculated such an ‘ ear-less cause ‘ and prepared the pans in which we can bake our protocells. Remove the scientist from the science and the results would be valid, but of course such abiono apparatus will never be observed without man making the method. Again: Tautologie.

However, communication remains the key and so much has not been disputed so far.How does one generation become the next? It is clearly not. Posterity (even parthenogens) are in no case their parents, and each ‘ selfish ‘ gene does not carry itself over!When continuity of form is considered as a continuity of identity, we see that evolution is a destructive process. Nothing survives as it was and therefore nothing survives a finite sentence.

Life is about everything except the ‘ self ‘.Life encloses that which does not belong .Life splits and blends in ways that do not take place outside of its influence. Enzymes are enigmatic-they deny stochastic thermodynamics by obeying them. Complexity, complexity, one calls out, but complexity is a word for what we cannot criticize correctly. Chaos is anything but random -it’s dynamic -but all of our knowledge methods are static.How can we know what always changes, except without coming to conclusions? Heraclitus and Parminedes Wade in the same river that is cloudy with the movement. Heisenberg was, in all its uncertainty, sure of what he did not know.

So we see that life is like the sea where life apparently comes from.Waves emerge and waves break. Between comes produces something similar to a pattern, but these patterns are erased by themselves. Yet it seems like we have something that continues against all odds, moving like a formless energy through a medium, despite formless energies that do not move like it. It is a discrete continuity, the infinite finiteness, the thing that makes itself so that it is no longer itself, but still resembles it in a variable and progressive way.There is no reason for the existence of such a thing; It’s the thing that reasoning in the first place. Without having words no meaning. “Meaning” is nothing but that. Presenting a reality without it is impossible, because “proposals” and “reality” belong.You are alive. What is life in an objective way? You will never know unless you stop there to be a manifestation of it.

Life is that which makes everything interesting, in certain and uncertain terms.It says “I am” and asks “Am I?”.It is therefore an incomplete tautology, an unlogical logic, a fact that is both finite and infinite and always only phenomenal.

Why people are who they are (become) and do what they do.Just the sheer diversity.

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