What is the most that you have ever done to help a homeless?

I usually see them sitting in front of the shops.I then tend to buy the basics. Some food, and a blanket. It doesn’t cost me much and makes sure they still have what it takes.

Last year I started talking effectively with someone.I was on my way home with one then boyfriend. We just came from a party, I was exhausted and had it cold. It would have been around this time of the year, November. Something after 01:00 at night.

We were really only a few minutes away from home, already cycling we drove past some bushes.There I saw a man lying down.

In my opinion he had at least as cold as us, and was probably a bit drunk-but did not necessarily look dangerous.I have one boyfriend then said to quit, and got to the man. At first glance he appeared somewhere in the 50 years. After some talk I turned out to be right-54.

My boyfriend told me to be careful, though he really didn’t seem like he would hurt me.He looked… Sad out. I had pity and wanted to know why he was lying on the ground in that cold. Like the idiot he was, my friend kept an end later.

The man was struggling to tell me his story.But I am very happy that it succeeded him. Somewhere between his drunk words, he made sure that I understood it. Him, but also the reason for the homeless life. Months ago he would have been kicked out of his house, his wife and he would have had a quarrel. About something that he thought seemed far too bad for words. He told me that it had since suffered that he had seen his children. “They hate me, I’m sure.”

He kept telling me to go home, he didn’t wish me worried about a drunk someone who slept on the street.

He wanted to die, commit suicide.That’s what he said. I kept comforing him, trying to make him clear that he needed a place to sleep. And that suicide commit everything except the solution was. It didn’t seem to convince him really, but I decided to do something anyway.

I have ordered one boyfriend to sit with him, to try to talk to him.But they said nothing to each other. For some reason he only trusted me with his story.

I just called 112.I wanted to give him at least 1 night in a warm bed. I explained the situation, and they told me to wait and talk to the man.

After I had ‘ driven away ‘ my boyfriend, I tried to comfort him.I tried to make him laugh and convince him to go to his hometown, try to talk things out.

I don’t know if he really did what I advised him, but I do know that I had just given him a place to sleep.

An ambulance and two cops arrived, asked him some questions.The man looked uncomfortable, exhausted and confused. A finger pointed out my direction, and an agent came to me. I told him everything, this time with the details. Quite the story of the man I then told to that agent.

My memories remind me that I saw the man smiling at me when he instaped the ambulance.He got a blanket around him and gave me a nod for the doors of the wagon locks.

The agent and his partner came back in my direction, they asked some personal information and told me that I tackled it in a mature way.They thanked me and told me once again that I had really done something good.

I keep reminding me this, and really hope that the guy has since slept more than 1 time in a bed.

I haven’t really doneanything.But we have talked and I have been able to give him a warm place to sleep. And if only for one night, he looked at me so thankful. Already I don’t know exactly why. Grateful for the conversation-and finally the hug we shared-or for the sleeping place.

I actually don’t really give much except clothing and nutrition.

But my father is really completely different: since I was young, he regularly invited people who have the emotional/financial difficulties, just to eat together at home.After a while it will be better with those people, but they just keep coming:) And that then become friends for life (and for me also a kind of second family). I have photo albums full of people who have ever been invited by my parents and give me Christmas presents if they went better with them (they just wanted to thank my parents, but they refuse every thank you, so I was the ideal ‘ victim ‘). Even now that my parents are already very old, they still pull out weekly, just to visit older people and have a chat… People who don’t know them altogether, but according to my father, they need a nice conversation:)

And another strange habit of my parents: since the kids are out of the house, they just keep eating as much as they used to and make meals for older people who live alone and are lonely.

PS: So my parents do not make out of some strange religious sect or church…. It’s just about helping people and a nice chat!

EDIT: This of course also has a little bit of inconvenience for myself: I have to leave at least 2 hours on a hot summer day if I have to go 1km further on foot to the bank: older little ladies always want to tell how they are helped and know if I know them yet… And before you know it, 3 old ladies are chatting to me and they all pick up memories… And I just want to go to the bank!

Since I myself have lived in poverty, I am someone who would rather greet a homeless person than anyone else!Where I live, I have contact with most homeless people, I make time for a chat, treat yourself to a coffee, ice cream,.. Also if I make a citytrip I pack budget with the intention to spend on someone who can use it and I always buy something to eat or shoes for someone (I never give cash money though)

Last summer I was in Berlin, I bought myself some food and went to a girlfriend sitting outside on the terrace.A homeless man stared at us so I asked if he wanted to eat, he nodded yes. I said he was allowed to sit down and that I was going to get another serving for him inside. The operator of the case told me that the homeless man was not allowed to sit on his terrace! I then made my dissatisfaction clear to the operator and sat down on the floor together with the homeless man to eat there together. The most beautiful was the moment when the homeless man called another homeless man I hadn’t noticed to share his portion! My heart broke, so clean! Have they both still got a bottle of liquor! Think that’s the best thing I’ve done, sit down on the floor. Even the girlfriend I was there looked at me weird, though I didn’t understand why she was sitting on the bench, but soit:p:D Really wonderful people how they share and be so thankful!

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