What is the most raging thing you’ve ever seen on someone else’s phone or computer?

A man I met on a first (and last) date showed me his phone because he was collecting screenshots of dating profiles, and let them categorize them by categories:

  • Women kissing a horse
  • Women who kiss a shark
  • Jumping women
  • Women’s feet
  • Women’s eye closeup…. Etc.


(The same also applies to men)

What was disturbing was that he had literally stored thousands of people’s photos on his phone…. All categorized.

A customer came to me with his phone.I don’t remember exactly what was going on, but he had help with it somewhere. I believe it was a sync issue. He wanted to show me an error message he had photographed…

He swipete through his pictures to see where the picture was, there were some family things passed, children, pets and his naked wife.

Although naked people are not strange and nothing to be ashamed of, this is the strangest thing I encountered on a work phone.

The most special thing I have ever seen, all the more for commercializing the Internet, is a mailing list of Internet users worldwide.All then users were listed here. This should have been somewhere in 1990. That list was not so long at all, because addresses were virtually never personal, but were referred to a university or military entity.

A black screen with red lettering to make it difficult to read.

3am.Memes cursed pictures I always go all piece of laughter

Someone ever asked me to look at his PC and I tried to get some faster with some antivirus and anti adware software.

When I was doing so I saw a lot of surfing habits to websites for homosex. The Good man was married etc, but had yet another life in addition.

I do not like doing that.Privacy!

A graphical interface, when it was in secondary school I learned to work with a computer that shows buttons, gradients allows, effects, everything a TUI does not have.

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