What is the most raging place you’ve ever been to during your holiday?

There are a few… At the top is the UN buffer zone between Cyprus and the non-recognised Turkish northern Cyprus.

Quite apart that in Europe we have a country which is recognized by no one except Turkey, which is already over 40 years occupied area and where you can also just go…

The border between the two countries is monitored by the UN.

On the Greek-Cypriot side you will find signs with propaganda, on the Turkish side tanks in barracks are ready with the walking on the Greek-Cypriot part directed.
In between there is no man’s land, houses with bullet holes where the curtains are still fluttering and the signs are still on the table, an abandoned Toyota dealer with hail new cars from 1975 and even a complete airfield with another plane in the hangar and on the runway.Completely abandoned.

In addition, Berlin contains many separate places:

On the Teufelsberg lies an abandoned NSA listening post.The Teufelsberg is built with debris from the bombed Berlin from WW2.

Because it was a high point in the city it was a great place for the American NSA to build a listening station that could absorb the radio traffic from the wide environment.

The way to the listening post is not found in your navigation system:

No such road…

Crackers have taken over the complex… The domes used to contain antennas that intercepted radio traffic.

Furthermore, everywhere in the city you can see remnants of the Cold war, for example in the form of shelters that were intended to catch the population during a nuclear attack.

Cozy with 900 people in a metro station to stay at a nuclear attack…

Also a strange place is the former head office of the Stasi, the Secret Service of the communist East Germany.

It is nowadays a museum.

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