What is the most raging moment you have ever experienced in public transport?

Not really weird… More quite annoying and actually shameful for the NS.

It’s been years ago again.I lived in Rotterdam (I lived from 1987 to 1992). I had been to Amsterdam for a photo shoot (as a photographer, hobby of me) and I was in the last train home.

At that time, you could not buy tickets from vending machines yet and we hadn’t heard of ‘ chipping ‘ yet.If the counters were close to the stations, you could buy tickets on the train.

In Haarlem there is a dark boy of about my age when the train enters and says to the conductor, that he still has to buy a ticket.Conductor tells him that it is good, just sit down… I’ll be with you.

Boy goes over I sit.

A little later the conductor arrives, writes the ticket and tells him that it is an X-amount. The boy who says ‘ but a ticket to Dordrecht costs < lower amount > ‘.

Gives the conductor the answer ‘ that is when you get warned, that you don’t have a ticket yet.If you do not, you pay a fine ‘.

Boy does not agree with that and tells him that he had warned the conductor.Conductor claims not and three other travellers plus myself indicate that this is true, that he had warned the conductor.

Conductor walks away.

A little later the train stops at an intermediate station where he did not hear to stop and 10 (!) man police enters the train. Boy was taken, handcuffs and we were ‘ matted ‘ by the police.They would not take us, but we had to understand that at the moment a conductor imposes a fine, you as a traveler should not interfere with it. A conductor is (or at least at that time) an extraordinary investigative officer, and as such, it is the same as a policeman attacking a police officer because he notices someone. But by opposing, he has misbehaving himself, that he was arrested.

What we have done as four travellers has been sent a complaint to the NS and described the whole story.At least we had agreed, and I assume, that the other three travellers have done so too. After a few weeks I received at least a letter from the NS that there had been a ‘ mistake in the game ‘ and the conductor had kept the traveler for another (something like ‘ all those blacks resemble each other. ‘ sic) and by now the complaint against that boy had been withdrawn And apologies were made.

Four people told the conductor that he had said to this boy that he had to sit down and he would come.Very little chance that it was really a mistake.

I was recently in the train, took a man in front of me.He said, “Good morning,” I greeted him again.

He winked and said:

“I am also circumcised”.

“So too?” I blinked with my eyes.


“Why just?You also say, so for inexplicable reason you assume that I am too, but I am not. Although I prefer the term “female genital mutilation”.

“Do you know what your problem is?”


“I just wanted to start a nice conversation, and you’re serious about it. Men do not like women who pretend to be smart.We just want to talk about our you know some. But you started over those scary things. Weird WIJF! “

I had something like wtf I just experienced?!

The most raging moment was today when I realised that my children and I were going to find that someone is jumping for the train.

It was the train before us.Just happened. Our train was quiet and I was still trying to wipe out leftover ketchup from the wall because one of my children had dropped their fry chips. It was recalled; We had to go back.

‘ Ah no, not again!What a stupid person. ‘ My daughter cried out.

I call my husband that he should pick us up because it was so far again.

The conductor indicated to his colleague laconically that it was annoying that the train had to return.But yes, it was no different. Until late at night, no train would be driving on this route.

Meanwhile, a body is somewhere.Gereten apart. Probably blood everywhere. Survivors who had heard the net and whose world is suddenly on their heads. Incident-fighters who quickly get the human remains out of the track because trains have to drive fast again. A machinist who will get nightmares in the coming time, maybe burned out touches, might always have PTSS.

But we bales because the train is not going.

At night, late on the train, I witnessed an incident between two men sitting next to each other.One accused the other of having stolen his train subscription. Apart from the fact that train subscriptions are personal and so it may be little meaningful, he continued to maintain that that man had stolen that subscription.

The train attendant came in and the man kept on going and demanded that the police be met.We finally stood still for a long time until the police arrived. Again the whole story was done; The accused man was searched but nothing was found.

Then the man whose train subscription was supposedly stolen was right and what lay there, on his seat?The Lost train subscription! The reaction of the Omsta, who were already quite irritated by the delay, was not tender. The guy quickly took his subscription and droop off quickly.

It can of course also be that the man who had stolen the train subscription that had also done it effectively, but had then put it back after all the commotion…

I was in Berlin two weeks ago.The tram stops at stop and tram driver explains by the call instalation that we have to wait for the one who comes to repay her. After three minutes of waiting, a huge sacheldkannonade suddenly follows through the broadcasting System. “Scheisze! He’s still not, I’m getting to wait even longer, it’s my Feierabend I’m not going to sit on a tram in my spare time. Steps all of you out, I go straight to the Remisie, you take the next! “

It was long ago in Toulouse in France.

I then sat with my girlfriend in the subway.And there comes a young man who we had seen several times at the university but also in the Queer club where we always went.

He sat next to me, and my girlfriend was facing me.

He entered the conversation, about everyday things, and I’m rather talkative so we’re talking about everything and nothing.I notice that my girlfriend is doing very strangely…. Like giving the big eyes, and she looks very angry. I wondered why she was so jealous: This was a man, and I certainly did not give men.

But she kept on doing strange, and the guy kept talking to me very actively, so I kept on speaking.When he suddenly asks me, just in front of our metro stop, to watch his new watch, and I look down on his hand and that’s the moment when I see his erection penis in his hand, (and he masturbates).

You should have seen my face!

Open mouth, open eyes, looking at the penis, watching the man’s face, watching my girlfriend, looking back at the penis, looking back at the man’s face, looking back at my girlfriend’s face…

This could have been a while, but the doors were open and my girlfriend grabbed me: let’s go!

Then she had to laugh so hard at me!The whole conversation I was not at all aware of the erection penis in his hand.

I drove with bus 19 in Antwerp.At the next stop there are 2 young men waiting. As soon as my bus stood Still, those 2, each on a different side, started to break down my left and right rearview mirrors. They turned out to be very drunk. They really hung with their full weight to make sure they break down. When they were finished, they crossed the street and disappeared from the image. I stayed, with the doors close on my steering post

But I stand there, with an unusable bus.

5 minutes later there are suddenly 4 -5 police cars hit and they disappear in the street where those 2 disappeared.It turns out that those 2 in that Street had a regular passer-by.

Then you’ll swallow…

Grtn, Morty

Ever sat in the train in the 1990s with an old woman with a striking face that was grumbling about foreigners.

Well, my husband had known the counsel.”

Oh, has he died?

No, they killed them!

Oh, what to, is it short ago?

No, as a beast finished in the war.Just be glad you weren’t there.

Was He a verzetcombatant?

Alas, resistance fighters… Don’t talk me of that schorem!Half The Netherlands was suddenly opposed when the Germans left. Well, I can tell you a few stories about those hypocritical flap drolling.

<…………. story where I could not tie a rope………… >

Em….No idea what you are about now…..

No, of course not.Don’t know… Nice and easy!

<………. icy silence…………… >

I didn’t recognise her at the time but later I thought she was very much like the widow Rost of Tonningen.

(Photo from Wikipedia)

On the train from Amsterdam to Brussels (predecessor of the Fyra) I stood up against the door, because of overcrowded, when the door suddenly went open while the train drove at a high speed.

Luckily, I had firmly stuck to the hinge pole, otherwise I would have been lying out.
When I later reported this incident to the train attendant, he told me that the trainset was so old that there was a steady loss of pressure on the door mechanism, and that this happened more than once.

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