What is the most popular misconception in our society?

There are many popular misconceptions about achieving success in our society. And because we often hear these things in our childhood, it is difficult to distinguish between what is true and what is not true. Therefore, set the statements you hear about “success” in question.

First, determine what success means to you. Because that differs for everyone.Many dictionaries bring success in connection with money and status.That’s also how most people see it. And there are also the misconceptions that we are examining here.

These are 3 popular misconceptions in our society:

1.It’s all about who you know

“I can not be successful, or start a company, or….Because I was not lucky enough to grow up in a family with people who have many connections. “

Have you ever heard/said that?It sounds so judging. And it’s nonsense.

Yes, connections and networks are more important than ever.And I also like to connect with others, but that’s where many people miss the point.

They look as if you were lost if you were not born with all those connections.You can simply make them. By making an effort, and with the right strategies, you can become a well-connected person.

And those contacts can help you on your mission to success, whether it means following your passion or something else.

2.Success will change you

“I don’t want to be successful/prosperous.Money is going to turn me into a greedy/bad person. “

Is it not easy to believe that money or success will change you as a human being? I can understand that that may be the case for some people, but that depends more on their character than it is a fixed rule.

I think that should I win the lotto, I would not tell anyone.But that’s just because other people will approach you differently.

If you are the type of human being that it is possible that you would change because of more prosperity then that will probably just be the case.Because recognizing that possibility already says a lot about your character.

Many people who are bloodthirsty for money, for whom money is their life, change Di茅.But that doesn’t mean that euros will make you a different person.

Just be responsible and be aware of the power that can bring about success.Then you will not forget how you keep yourself.

3.If you want it hard enough, the success comes to you.

“You just have to want it hard enough.The rest comes later. “

Whoever knows me knows that I am an optimistic person, but sorry: just something very hard wishes does not give you any guarantee.

Of Course you need enthusiasm/passion/desire, but that is not enough.You also need the right strategy to achieve something.

You can aim very high, as high as you can.But be realistic. And see how you can do what you love to do.

For example, you can define success as earning an income by doing the things you love to do, which don’t even feel like ‘ work ‘.So you don’t have to describe success as ‘ Becoming a Millionaire ‘.

If you are going to define success differently you can find it everywhere.

And another additional misconception: Success will make you happier.

“If I have more money I will be happier.”

Of course, more money helps people living in poverty.If you cannot meet your basic needs, it becomes very important.

Yet there are a lot of people in the wealthy West who are stuck in the idea that they need a lot more money to be happy.

Research shows that a Lotto winner is at the same level of happiness after a maximum of two years, as for winning the big lot.More money getsused.And then you often want even more.

How do you cope with this? Simply by wanting what you already have and by giving another definition to success.Success can go about doing what you love to do, regardless of money.

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