What is the most interesting within ten minutes walking distance from the place where you are now?

Two minutes walking distance…

And you’re in another world.

You can really go for everything.

At the front, it reminds you of a small dated grocery store, but once inside you will be amazed by the area and the efficient layout.

I am still getting lost between the fresh goods.

Favorite, especially from my little son, is the cake department anyway.

My son changes every now and then also some words with the ever-friendly cake miss,

And this is not in Dutch.

When I first came in, I looked at fronzend and with the translation machine in my hand for products like:

  • Bigos Z Mięsem i kiełbasą
  • Fasolka po Bretonsku z kiełbasą

And of course also the:

  • Ogórki Kwaszone

Now they are on my grocery list weekly.

It is also the only place I know where the same cassiere takes place early in the morning after opening with a smile behind the cashier, the whole day in a very nice way and tirelessly helps customers, and late at night with a satisfied smile the checkout Exit.

The most interesting within 10 minutes walking distance from our house is with dot the Polish grocery store.

I am at home.What have I been lucky to have grown up here, because I am within 10 minutes of the fortress.

Naarden-Vesting is one of the best preserved fortified towns, especially unique by the star shape that is well seen from above.

Photo credits: Flying Focus BV

Although it is a small town, there are many attractions.

I will highlight a few:

  • The Great Church/St. Vitus Church:

I have no religious knowledge, but it is a beautiful building to look inside.
The tower can also be climbed for a nice view over the city, with the rest of the Gooi, Almere, (and on a good day, Amsterdam) on the horizon.

Photo Credits: Religiana

  • The Dutch Fortress Museum:

This museum is located in the fortress corridors and on the ramparts.

There is information about the fortress building, the history of Naarden, the life of former soldiers, and the former waterline. There are also boat trips around the fortress. I hear when I sit at home still regularly a cannon shot.
Link: Fortress Museum-Fortress Museum

Photo Credits: Fortress Museum

  • The Spanish House

This old Town hall is best known for the Naarden massacre in 1572 (during the 80-year war), where almost all the todense population was murdered by the Spaniards.

Nowadays the scale museum is here.
Link: weegschaalmuseum.nl-Home

  • The Arsenal

Throughout the centuries the Arsenal has had several military functions, but at the moment it is used as a residential shop and showroom of Jan des Bouvrie.I feel spontaneously rich when I walk there.
Link: The Arsenal in Naarden, concept store for interior design.

  • The Utrecht Gate

This gate gives access to the city from the direction of Utrecht (surprise) and contains a TOURIST office.Often I walk up the ramparts from here or I sit there to look over the water.

Photo Credits: Depositphotos

Special events are also held in this fortress, such as:

  • The photo Festival

Photos are exhibited at various places in the fortress (at the ramparts, in and around the church, etc.).

At the time of writing this is going on.
Link: Home-Photo festival Naarden 2019

Photo Credits: Pf

  • Matthäus Passion

Around Easter there are performances of the Matthew Passion by the Dutch Bach society.

What makes it special is that they are carried out in the large church, which gives a unique effect to the sounds. This is also popular among politicians.

Photo Credits: Volkskrant

I like to walk on-and around the ramparts for a fine balance between nature and history.

Unfortunately, Quora does not let me upload my own photos; I have captured a lot of beauty over the years.

A few final facts:

  • Most tourists come from the Czech Republic because of the burial place of Saint Comenius.
  • It is a very nice place times the Sinterklaas entry (where elementary schools participate) and the Carnival procession (yes, even we are doing it).
  • There is an island that is used as a huts building camp for children in the summer holidays.
  • The ramparts work well as a diving board during a sweltering summer.
  • Last but not least: it has the smallest Albert Heijn in the Netherlands.

I work on the Amsterdam ramparts.Within less than ten minutes walking distance is actually almost everything in terms of the reflections of Amsterdam.

A group of deer.One has a calf there. Mn daughter think it’s great to give them grass, and the deer love it.

Teylers Museum in Haarlem

Castle House Doorn and the old estate with Rosarium, Pinetum, sculptures, a mausoleum and a First World War Museum, together a powerful chunk of cultural history that is strongly in the sign of the last German emperor, Wilhelm II von Hohenzollern who was here in 1918 and received political asylum.

The country house has one of the coolest preserved historic interiors of the Netherlands.

I read this question on Saturday, at that time was my answer:

From my house is the most interesting (for me) cemetery (old) Eijk and dunes.A beautiful place, it seems to be a different dimension there. It is located between large hedges, so the road can no longer be seen or heard. The tranquility and only some hurting birds in the distance. Beautiful flowers and plants. A little piece of heaven on earth.

From my work where I am now, Meijendel is the most interesting.
A beautiful dune area where you can enjoy walking.Sometimes we go out very early on the mountain bike and then we stop there in all early. You can see all sorts of animals there. Bunnies, foxes. Foxes with bunnies;) And a lot of birds. Also really enjoy.

The Rijksmuseum.Then I have to step through firmly. At a slow pace, the Albert Cuyp market, the Sarphatipark, the Shool in the Gerard Doustraat and the north-south line May

The cockpit of this train

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